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Friday, March 11, 2016

Spring Outfits.

I have started to feel Spring around these parts, I am not sure about you all. With that being said, Spring means that I will be wearing some dresses. I am wearing my U by Kotex and SweetSpot Labs to help me stay confident when wearing your Spring whites and lights...and all of my dresses!!!  

Here are some of my favorite spring outfits. 

When that time of the month hits, my face completely breaks out. I didn't realize that I was still fifteen years old. But, it does. I have started to use SweetSpot Labs and I have noticed a significant difference! I LOVE it. 

My favorite kind is the grapefruit, but I like the Vanilla Blossom as well. 

purchased at my local target. 

What are some of your favorite Spring Outfits?
Tell me HERE.

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