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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

It's Spring and I am Happy!

The sun was shining  this weekend. It was beautiful and I am a happy girl. I spent the other day hiking up the canyon (you all know that's my favorite thing to do) and it made me itchy for summer. NOW, it's snowing. WTH, Utah? Yet, everyone is freaking out! Somehow, every year, we are surprised that it's it always does at least once in March. Still, this weekend was a tease. Even with the rain and some of the cold, aomethong about that change from winter to spring brings a renewed happiness. Does it for anyone else?

Recently, I am happy because...

1. I spent last Saturday doing yard work (we are completely re-doing parts of our yard) and starting a little bit of Spring Cleaning (I still have lots to do!). In June, we will be in our house for a year and I feel like we are ALMOST done with moving in on the inside. We are, eventually, going to do more updates on the inside, but for the move in/decorating part, I am getting there!!! Some of you may be asking why doing this makes me happy, and it's because I love cleaning and organizing things. I love the feeling of renewal that comes with the beginning of Spring after a COLD winter--and that renewing of cleaning out messy, dusty places correlates with that. I am a clean freak, what can I say? 

2. Hiking in the mountains will be happening more often. Hiking series will be coming back.  You know I love this, guys!!! Yessssss. As always, I love hiking buddies if anyone wants to join! 

3. I have been killing it at the gym. I am so grateful for friends and trainers who have been motivating me to do some awesome and killer workouts. Although my weight isn't down any more (still 18 points from October!) but I have more energy. I feel better. This health plan  has changed my view of my body in all facets and I just feel GOOD.

4. I have been reading like crazy. I have  loved to read since I was a little girl, and for the first time in a long time, I have really enjoyed reading as another stress reliever. I have been doing a lot of book reviews on this blog (I am sorry if some of you hate these...Ha!), but I have become even more obsessed with GoodReads. I love being a part of three book clubs (yes, three!) and I am grateful for friendships and conversations that stimulate connections in my life.

5. I have realized that there are certain people and certain things that I don't need in my life. I was going to audition for a play, but I realized that I want to spend my time ending the school year on a high note, to focus on my social, emotionally, and physical wellbeing. Even though I want to be on stage, I am already a busy person and I don't want to stretch myself more than I need to. I have had to deal with the fact that I am not as close with old friends. It's been hard to sort of "let go", but I'm accepting this. Letting go can be freeing. 

6. Nine more weeks of school. And Spring Break is in a week. Hallelujah. It's been a difficult school year. I cannot wait for summer.

7. WE BOOKED OUR TICKETS TO MAUI IN JULY. We are going for an entire month and I cannot wait!!!

8. The sunshine is out. And a little bit of spring rain (which I am okay with! But the snow and wind needs to stop). Still, sunshine makes me happy! 

9. But, like, my dog makes me happy. Is that nerdy? Kind of.

10. Also, I GET TO WEAR MORE DRESSES. I just bought more dresses and my little heart is jumping for joy.

Happy Spring, y'all! 
What is making you happy? 

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