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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

I Want to Talk About the Oscars {Version 4.0}

I Want to Talk about the Oscars {Version 3.0} 2015
I Want to Talk About the Oscars {Version 2.0} 2014
I Want to Talk About the Oscars {Original Version}2013
I cannot believe that I have been blogging this long! 

I LOVE the Oscars (can you tell?). I love the glamour, fashion, and history behind all of the movies. I am going to talk about the things that I love about the Oscars, specifically. Because I just always have so much love in my heart.;)

I love pretending that I am going to watch all of the "Best Picture" nominees and then I don't.

I loved the dresses that these beautiful women wear. These are my top 8 (MySpace Top 8 anyone?)

LOVE. And how adorable is Brie Larson? I juts want to squeeze her. 


My husband thinks she is one of the most beautiful women on the planet. I agree. He has good taste. 

Ben Affleck is an idiot. 

So classy and elegant. This is the kind of dress that is timeless and looks great on all ages. 


This one was obscure, but I liked it. I loved the unique style and the material. 

Just a beautiful, classy, purple. 

I loved that I can live tweet about this night and find so many hilarious memes to go along with it. 

I loved that Leo finally WON. YESSSSSS. 

I loved Kate Winslet and Leo...and they fact that they are best friends, in general. And they should probably get married already. 

I loved Brie Larson and Jacob Trembley's relationship. Like, oh my heart. So cute. They are best friends. That little boy, you guys. I can't handle him. 

I loved the not politically correct black jokes. 

I loved hat Lady Gaga is little bit more normal now. 

And I loved fact that she made me cry with her powerful song about rape. 

I loved the fact that the rape campaign is being talked about and shared. It is such a problem and is something that needs to be sung and cried over. 

I loved that Dave Grohl sang. And my heart fluttered. 

I loved that I get to watch it with T Money and have our "Oscars Date Night" every year. 

I loved Mark Ruffalo's wink.

I loved Chris Rock hosting. (I never though I'd say that. Ever.) 

I did not love: the political rants that people go on (although I liked Leo's), the incessant black jokes (like, okay, we get it) and how long that show is. Do they really need it to be 3 1/2 hours long? 

Okay, I'm going to go watch all of the Best Picture movies now (or just say I am and never do...which is what happens every year.) 

What were some of your favorite moments?
What were some of your least favorite moments? 
What was your favorite dress? 

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