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Monday, March 7, 2016

February: Glad THAT'S Over.

Ew. I lied. I said that January is a hard month. But, I digress. I think February might be worse. I feel like the thrill of the snow and the cozy evenings are at an all time low.  The Christmas season is REALLY over and I am just over the cold, ya know?  My students tend to get out of control because they haven't been outside to play. I get grumpy because my mental and physical well-being needs sunshine and warmth. 

Yet, it has been 65 and sunny all week. I have noticed a significant difference in MY attitude with teaching and just life in general. I tried to keep myself busy in February because otherwise I get into a "funk." And I did just that. It actually wasn't too bad  of a month. The cold got old. Real quick. But I had a ton of fun with friends, parties, the gym, etc. I am so grateful for people who love me through the winter ;) 

(pics via instagram) 

Went to the Provo City Center Temple Open House. My choir in college was one of the last people in this building before it became a temple. We were rehearsing for a show the next evening. It was an electrical error that caused the fire. The LDS church saved it and it became a temple. So, basically, you're welcome. It was beautiful! 

Played in the snow in the mountains! 

This is what I do to relax...and during church. What? You don't? You should. I'm five. 

Cheered on the Broncos during the Super Bowl! 

Read the ever-controversial "Go Set a Watchman." I actually enjoyed it. GASP! 

Wrote "love letters" to my students....and they wrote them to themselves. Ha. 

Had a cabin getaway to Brian Head Ski Resort with friends. Such a fun weekend! 

I actually cooked dinner. And I talked about how I still hate cooking. 

Co hosted Bon's Book Club Meeting for February: "A Man Called Ove." 

Chatted for three hours for BFF's who are getting married. Love college friends. 

Decades Day with my awesome faculty! 

Fell in love with Kundalini Yoga!! 

Oh, look. Saylor. Shocking. Had to throw that in. I spend a lot of time with her. Ha. 

When the sun shined, I got outside and hiked as much as possible!! 

Slowly started putting my home together (after a year!) 

Harry Potter Book Club Tea Party (yes, I am a part of three different book clubs. Nerd!) 

Bridal Shower with dear college friends. 

T Money is a babe. Spent a lot of time talking with him through a tough time of feeling insecure. 

Oh, February. SEE YA. 

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