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Friday, September 4, 2015

Temple Challenge // St. George

Here's how my Temple Challenge works: I am trying to visit (and do a session) in as many LDS temples as I can throughout my lifetime. Ideally, I would like to visit every temple in Utah before Summer 2016, which is possible, but definitely a challenge (especially now that the school year has started--because there are 15 in Utah right now--17 by the end of next year). This summer was a great time to start to this goal of mine. 

I got to experience this temple with my dear friend, Marie. Marie just returned home from her mission when we went a few months ago (yea, I forgot to post about this one…). I absolutely fell in love with this temple. The St. George Temple  was the first temple to be completed in Utah in 1877. The classic white makes my vintage heart incredibly happy. I love it! :) 

Other Temples I've Visited:  Payson /Manti // Jordan River // 

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