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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Three Ways To Have a Good Morning.

I am not a morning person. Every one who knows me knows this. As school starts in a week, I have to start preparing for waking up early again (ugh). It is always important for me to not be rushed, eat something good, and meditate of some sort before I head out the door. 

1. Eat Plenti Yogurt. 

I am always in a hurry and sometimes forget to eat breakfast. I know that this is not a good thing for your body, so I have decided to stock up on some delicious Plenti Yogurt. This yogurt is a greek yogurt so it is full of protein, which helps with my energy level. I love to eat Plenti Greek Yogurt in the morning because not only is it absolutely delicious, it provides an awesome source of energy and protein. The 1:1 protein to sugar ratio fits perfectly into my eating habits that I am trying to aim for right now. You can visit the Plenti website for more info on this awesome breakfast.

2. Be Nice to Yourself.

I have talked about this before and I think it is so important. Some mornings when I am getting ready, I feel incredibly exhausted, I don't feel alive and well, and I am hard on myself emotionally and physically. Mornings tend to be the hardest for me because of this. I have written about six things every woman should say to herself in the morning. Make a mantra for yourself and say it to yourself in the mirror every morning. You are awesome! You are beautiful! Positive self talk is so important, especially as you start off your day.

3. Meditate. 
Every morning, I try to read either conference talks or my scriptures and say my prayers. This is how I meditate and become closer to God. Whether that is meditating, doing yoga, or sitting quietly for five minutes, take a few minutes every day to try to connect with yourself and a higher power. This will relax you and keep you calm before you step out into the crazy work world.

What would you add to this list? 
Are you a morning person? 

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