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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Sticky Note Expectations // Back to School Activity

Yesterday, I explained how last week was the first week of school. (Did you see my new and improved classroom? A teacher's dream!). 

One of my favorite activities to do on one of the first days of school is what I call, "Sticky Note Expectations." In this activity, I give each student 4 sticky notes. Up on the board, I have anchor chart paper with the following titles: 
1. A Good Classmate Is…
2. A Good Student Is…
3. A Good Teacher Is… 
4. What do you want to learn or improve on this year? 

Each of them, anonymously (I give them the option to put their name on it if they want) answers each of these questions and stick it up on the board. I talk about how I will take some of their answers and try to work on something that they believe, in their opinion, of what a good teacher entails if they will read the good classmate and good student posters and work on something from there. We have a discussion about mutual respect and honesty--that I will not lie or disrespect them, if they don't do that to me. 

This is a good lesson to bring in your class rules and talk about class expectations. I love this activity and I think the students enjoy it as well. 

What are some other of your favorite activities that you like to do at the beginning of the year?


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