Sierra's View: Crater Lake // Summer 2015

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Monday, August 10, 2015

Crater Lake // Summer 2015

I wish I could convey, in words, how truly beautiful Crater Lake is. If you have not been here, this is something that you need to do in your life time. My family's cabin is about 45 minutes away from Crater Lake. I don't know if it's just because I was reading Wild while on our road trip to Oregon, or what, but T Money and I decided to drive over from our cabin and spend our 2nd anniversary here. T had never been and I wanted to share in that experience with him. 
It was indescribably gorgeous. 
The last time I had been I was about nine years old, so I didn't exactly "revel in it's beauty." I was, more likely, kicking the back of my mom's seat because I didn't want to go (I was a brat. I'm never having children.) 
As I walked around the lake, I couldn't stop taking pictures. It was truly unreal. (So you should be grateful that I deleted about 40 pictures just from Crater Lake….this is a miracle.) 
And as for these photos, I barely touched them. I took 2 minutes total on "editing" these photos, and really all I did was lighten a few of them so you could see the beauty a bit better due to spotty cloud coverage. Pictures though, as usual, do not capture the essence, peacefulness, and sheer beauty of this place.

That water <3 td="">


And a few more from Instagram. 

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What is your favorite national park? 
Have you ever been to Crater Lake? 


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