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Monday, August 31, 2015

Sierra's Twelve Commandments // Happiness Project Book Review

This past summer, I finally completed the novel The Happiness Project. I started this book awhile back, but never seemed to have the time to finish it, which, now looking back, should have been an indicator of how much I didn't fall in love with the novel. Overall, I gave this book 3 out of 5 stars. I enjoyed the idea of this Happiness Project, I truly did. With that being said, I do think that the book was a little more vague than I was hoping, hence the 3/5 stars on GoodReads. For me, it had too many abstract concepts that applied too specifically to her. For example she continuously talked about the concept of "love". It's hard to talk about love, especially in a generic sense. I feel such abstract concepts such as love,  or kindness, for example, it needs to be broken down into smaller concepts, such as How do I accept love? What kind of love to I enjoy showing to others? How can I work on my kindness, etc. especially in a Nonfiction/Self Help genre. 

On that note, there was one aspect that I did genuinely appreciate about Gretchen Rubin's journey. I loved that she talked about her own Twelve Commandments that she tried to improve on--certain rules, if you will, that she tried to abide by in order to help her happiness. I wanted to do this in my own life. Her novel inspired me to write my own Twelve Commandments 

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Before I begin, I want to show you what her "Twelve Commandments" are in her novel, which are listed below. In the novel she devels deeper into each of these self commandments.  

1. Be Gretchen.
2. Let it Go.
3. Act the Way I Want to Feel. 
4. Do It Now. 
5. Be Polite and Be Fair. 
6. Enjoy the Process. 
7. Spend Out. 
8. Identify the Problem. 
9. Lighten Up. 
10. Do What Ought to be Done. 
11. No Calculation. 
12. There Is Only Love. 

And now, for my Twelve Commandments that I am trying to live by.

1. Be Confident.
Amidst my own insecurities, health, mental and physical issues, I need to try everything in my power to be completely confident in who I am, in every aspect. 
2. Do What Makes Me Feel at Peace. 
I want to be at peace with my decisions, spirituality, career, marriage and life, whatever that may be.
3. Let It Go. 
I tend to have anxiety about things. I am a perfectionist. I need to remember to let some things go.
4. Take the World In. 
I love to explore nature, be outside, write, read, and daydream. I want to do everything possible to take the world in completely. When I am out on a hike, take in the beauty and gorgeous views. When I am teaching, take in the experiences learned from my students and coworkers.
5. Save. 
Now that I have a house, I want to try to work on our budgeting, saving and collecting money.
6. Love & Accept Those Around Me. 
Love everyone, even those who are different than me. I want to be nonjudgmental. I want to be friendly and learn to love everyone. I want to get to know people on a deeper level. I receive happiness by connecting with others and this is something that I want to work on.
7. Document.
I love to write. I dream of writing a book, I love to write in a journal, I write in my classroom, and obviously, I love to document my life on this blog. It is important to me to document my life through photos and writing and all that encompasses it. This is something that I value and that I want to continue.
8. Always Laugh. 
Being the emotional person that I am, I want to remember to enjoy life, even when it is hard. It is important to laugh and enjoy the journey and this is something that I want to remember.
9. Be Authentic.
No one wants to be around someone who is a follower or a product of other people. I want to remember to do what I know makes me happy in all facets of life.
10. Take Time For Yourself. 
Go to the gym, go for a hike or walk, read a book, write, watch a show. Take that introverted time that you know need.
11. Positive Before Negative. 
I sometimes look at the negative aspects of life; this is a negative habit that I have gotten into. I need to remember that things will always work out. Always. And it's important to see the good.
12. Allow the Passion.
I feel things deeply. I always have. I want to keep the deepness of my feelings to drive me in a positive sense. Passionate people allow the world to go 'round, I tell ya!

What would some of your Twelve Commandments be? 
Which one of mine do you appreciate or try to live by? 
Have you read this novel? Did you enjoy it? 

Friday, August 28, 2015

Oneonta Falls // Hiking (Oregon)

It's Friday!!!! Woo Hoo. I am going to go for a hike!

Speaking of hikes, on our last day in Oregon, I  continued my hiking excursions! It was so fun to hike this with family in the greenery.  This wasn't exactly a "hike" but more like a "Water Excursion." You need to climb up and down logs, through water, etc. We brought my little nieces and nephews and it was difficult, but they did great. 
I'll let the pictures do the talking of the beautiful scenery. 
We packed up the car the next morning and headed home. It was a great trip and I and am so happy that we got to spend some time with family. 

Pictures from Instagram

Thursday, August 27, 2015

A Day On the Oregon Coast // Summer 2015

Our Oregon trip only continued more (I told you! We were in Oregon forever. I wanted to live up the last few weeks of my summer vacation before I went back to school.) We took a day and stopped by Cannon Beach. We actually went a few minutes south of Cannon Beach to a place called Hug Point. It is a little cove area that is blocked by the wind, with fun caves to explore, and it's BEAUTIFUL. It was a perfect afternoon at the beach. It was cloudy, but fairly warm and gorgeous as ever. 

photos from instagram

A cloudy, but realistic, view of Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach.

We HAD to stop at Mo's for some clam chowder before we headed home as well! 

We like to adopt our niece as a our own :)

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