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Sunday, July 19, 2015

HomeMaker. Yikes.

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Sigh. Homemaking. The ever so controversial topic. ;)

Being a religious woman, I feel an immeasurable amount of pressure to be the perfect homemaker: to cook, clean, design & furnish a home, do laundry, garden, etc. Please don't tell me that I am the only one who feels this? Is this just a religious thing or do most women feel this way?

I am a horrible cook, so I rarely do it. I love to clean, but I am a perfectionist when it comes to cleaning so I will spend 3 hours on one bathroom and that is just too much time for one little space! I love to design and furnish my home, but I don't have the budget that I want. Ha.

This past week, I had my sister and her four kids staying in my cute little home. It was hectic, but I loved having them here (and so did Saylor!). I wanted more than anything to be able to have my home all completely moved in (yea, we still have some boxes here and there) and furnished. I wanted a kitchen table and a couch and a coffee table. My problem is that I am quite particular and have such a distinct taste, but nothing I find is even close to my price range. I have expensive taste, unfortunately. I felt bad that I didn't have a big enough couch for them to sit on, or a big enough kitchen table for all of the kids to dine at. I know that THEY didn't care, but I did. I love to host and I want people to love to come to my home and feel comfortable.

But, see, what I realized as I was thinking about this is: That is a huge part about being a homemaker. That's what I think some people fail to understand! People don't care what kind of couch you have or what your kitchen cabinets look like--they want to feel comfortable and welcome in your home. THAT is what makes a good homemaker, in my opinion.

I've also learned this: I have never met a woman who is amazing at every aspect of homemaking.
I know women who are amazing cooks, but their home is not super clean.
I know women who have immaculate homes, but they will avoid laundry at all costs.
I know women who will garden for hours, but not cook their own meals!

I mentioned above that I am a horrible cook. I thought that I would learn to love it because I am a creative person and maybe now that I have a bigger kitchen, I might. But who knows. As of now, I don't love it. Even after 2 years of marriage. Especially after a long day of teaching, the last thing that I want to do is put together a meal. Plus, it is really hard to cook for two people! I don't particularly want the same leftovers for 5 days.

So yes, sometimes I am a wife who just doesn't have time to prepare from-scratch meals for her husband every day. And that's okay. On nights when I am gone, working late, or simply out on the town, I simply give my husband a STOUFFER'S® Fit Kitchen meal to cook. These meals are easy and balanced and have an incredible source of protein with 25 grams each. They are so convenient it only takes ten minutes to prepare. 

He's very focused while watching tv. Typical guy.

Don't mind my messy, unfurnished home. Ironic ;) See how focused he is while eating his yummy meal?

You can find these meals at your local Walmart in the frozen meal aisle. 

How would new STOUFFER'S® Fit Kitchen fit into your lifestyle?
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What do you love about homemaking?

What don't you love about homemaking? 
What are things that make the process of being a homemaker easier for you? 

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  1. To answer your question, I am not a religious woman, but I sure do feel a strong responsibility to be an awesome mom and homemaker. So... it's all of us :-) And trust me, I wish my house looked half as clean as yours! But like you said, nobody can do it all, right? #client


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