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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Back-to-School Survival Supplies for the Ladies!

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Y'all ready for this? ;) 

I go back into to my class in a little over two weeks. This gives me a little bit of anxiety because, as a teacher, I hate to see summer coming to an end. Of course, I love to meet my new students, but the idea of "Back to School" makes me a little anxious. I am not ready to say goodbye to summer yet. 
"Cycle Survival" can sometimes not be the most fun thing in the world. Period symptoms are not very fun, I will tell you that much. But there are so many remedies nowadays that can help with this process, and for that, I am VERY grateful! I always keep a little basket of Survival Supplies for me (and for my girl students if they need!) just in case. Teaching 6th grade means you get to watch out for the girls in this manner! 

Sometimes it is challenging to deal with these side effects. Yet, there are also so many POSITIVE aspects of being a woman. I always remind myself how grateful I am for the opportunity to have things that help me every month, instead of just living in pain constantly. I am grateful that I can have supplies that make me feel more confident as I deal with this process every month! 

My Cycle Survival Supplies usually rotate in and out, but there are always three products that are constantly repeated: 

U by Kotex CleanWear® by U
BiC Shaving Products
EOS Lip Balm

The U by Kotex CleanWear® has protection, but it doesn't even feel like you are wearing anything, that is why I love them so much!! It has a 3d Capture so you don't have to deal with embarrassing period stories (Oh myI can't even begin to tell you some of mine) while being very comfortable. 

I usually add in some Excedrin Migraine (because headaches and migraines always come during the special time of month) and a yummy treat. Pop Tarts are perfect to have in the basket in my classroom because I can warm them up in my faculty room. And is it just me or do we all need a little something sweet during those "sweet times." ;) 

I keep all of these products in a cute little basket in a cupboard in my classroom. It is the perfect little "Cycle Survival Kit" for me during the school day. I add in some tampons in case the girls need to use them as well. 

You can find these products in the "feminine care" aisle at your local Walgreens. 

You can find these two products in the "shaving" and "travel size" aisle at your local Walgreens. 

As of right now, if you buy $15 of participating U by Kotex / EOS / BIC products, you will receive 3,000 Balance Reward Points at Walgreens. I currently have ten dollars to spend at my local Walgreens because of my rewards points card! 

You can find more inspirational and awesome posts about Cycle Survival here. 


  1. great picks! can't imagine it's already almost back to school time!


  2. I started my period in the 6th grade and it was so embarrassing to be irregular and have to ask the teacher for something, because I had mostly male teachers. These are some great picks for a cycle survival kit you can share! #client


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