Sierra's View: Summit Trailhead AF Canyon // Utah Hiking

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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Summit Trailhead AF Canyon // Utah Hiking

I am totally on a hiking kick, you guys. Last Friday, I grabbed Catherine and her adorable Milo and we went up the American Fork Canyon for a hike. This hike was not super strenuous, but I wouldn't consider it was super easy either. I would say easy-medium if I were a trail guide!

We went up and parked at Salamander Flats Campground in the heart of the canyon. All of the trails in American Fork Canyon are connected so there isn't one specific stopping point, but we just hiked down to the river where we sat and let our babies (Milo and Saylor hahaha) play in the freezing water.
It was the perfect hike. We went about 3 miles total and it was 75 degrees and overcast--prime hiking weather. I LOVE how green everything is because of all the moisture that Utah has been getting. I don't love winter rain, but summer rain is totally awesome because it's still warm and it usually only lasts like an hour. Keep this green comin', Utah!


  1. Love the pictures! My husband and I have talked about going hiking soon. Thankfully, we have some great options not too far from where we live!


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