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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Mini Northwest Getaway

I spent the past weekend in a suburb of Seattle watching my nieces and nephews. It wasn't a huge excursion because I spent most of the time helping my sister watch the adorable little ones, but I loved being back in the Northwest! I love the fresh air and greenery.

It helps that these kids are beautiful and HILARIOUS! But man, 4 kids is A LOT of work and it was really good birth control :) many of you saw some more  photos of this mini getaway on Instagram (@sierrasview). Go see them! 

It's always nice to go away for a long weekend because I love coming home. I never thought I'd love coming home to Utah but I've realized how much I love my life, my husband and where I live. What an awesome feeling. 

//all photos via my phone// 

Saylor literally peed she was so excited to have me home! Ha. (And I was excited to see her!)

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  1. Such cute pictures! Glad to hear you had an amazing weekend!


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