Sierra's View: Five Places to Roadtrip in Utah.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Five Places to Roadtrip in Utah.

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T Money and I just bought a house in May.
Which is awesome. 
This also means that we have to build our money back up and we are poor. Ha. 
So, for this summer, we are hanging around Utah and doing little fun day trips. There are so many exciting things to do in Utah, especially in the summer. There are so many activities, explorations and adventures that I didn't even know about in Utah until recently, so we are taking the time to do some awesome (semi) local activities. 

Piper, my 2013 Subaru Outback,  is an awesome car. She gets good gas mileage, has all wheel drive, has lots of room, and is just pretty. Maybe its the Oregonian rooted in me (get it? Trees…) but I love my car. And taking care of my car is very important to me! In order to do these road trips, I have to take care of her well. 

In order to prepare for these mini road trips, Piper needed an oil change. Just recently I took her into the Walmart Automotive Care Center while I was doing my shopping in my local Walmart. It was so awesome for the car to be done while I got to do my shopping! 

Also: From June 10th to September 9th, Pennzoil oil changes will be on Rollback at Walmart Automotive Care Center stores. The High Mileage price is $35.88, (Industry standard prices are 46$ or more!). The Platinum Full Synthetic oil price is $45.88, (Industry standard is 66$ or more!). 
My car takes Synthetic Motor Oil, which is what the Car Center put in. The Platinum (synthetic motor oil)  is best for cleanliness and protection when it comes to the Pennzoil line-up. 

Some other things that I have learned about Pennzoil oil after I have taken it in is: 

  • All Pennzoil products help clean out the other oils left behind. 
  • Pennzoil is designed for complete protection and will allow you to drive an extra of 550 miles per year--which is seriously awesome! 
  • It is great protection from friction. 

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T Money got to look at fishing gear and new tires while the oil change was being done. It was very efficient! This is how she looked after. Ain't she pretty? :) 

After Piper had her oil change and was ready to rock and roll, T Money and I were ready to spend this summer doing our day trips. Now, I know that there are tons of other places to visit in Utah, but these are some of our top five favorites places to road trip in Utah (so far)! 

1. St. George, Utah. 
The red rock should be enough of a draw to this awesome place! 

2. Zion's National Park 
T Money and I love to visit and hike down here. This is a place that everyone needs to visit :) 

3. Alpine Loop, American Fork Canyon 
One of my favorite drives to do in the Spring and Fall is the Alpine Loop over the American Fork Canyon into Midway. It is absolutely gorgeous!! 

4. Strawberry Reservoir 
This is up Daniels Canyon near Heber. Take the road out and you will get to this awesome fishing location. T Money and his dad have spent many days and nights hunting, fishing and camping out here. 

5. Deer Creek Reservoir. 
Deer Creek is just up Provo Canyon near Heber City. It is a gorgeous reservoir located right against the mountains. This is where T Money proposed to me. We have many fond memories of boating, fishing, and playing here. 

photos via Instagram. 

Where are your favorite mini road trips? 
What do you do to keep your car taken care of?


  1. Love this! I didn't know there were so many reservoirs up near Heber. We always go to Jordanelle to paddleboard and fish in the Provo River. I'll have to check these other ones out!

  2. I love traveling all over Utah. We just did the Alpine Loop this past weekend. I still need to make it down to St George.

  3. Wow...I wish we lived near Utah as these spots look incredible! Thanks for sharing the Pennzoil info, too. #client

  4. Great picks and I'm not just saying that because St George {where we live!} is on the list ;)


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