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Friday, June 5, 2015

According to Our Phones // Things to Do // Maui

Happy Friday!!! This is the final hoo-rah of the Maui Saga. I have shown you the highlights of our trip and most of the pictures and now, as I can imagine, you are all sick of seeing pictures of Maui. And for that, I will apologize. In my defense, I did not want to bombard you all with 200 photos in one post. So, really, you should be thanking me. If you all are planning on going to Maui any time soon, apparently my family is the one to hit up. With all of us combined, we have been to Maui around 45 times. We love our beaches and sunshine!

These photos are a compilation of all of my siblings' iPhone photos. A lot of them are from my Instagram. This is a SERIOUS photo dump.

Beach Life: 
Tanner loved his first time in Hawaii! 
Papa (my dad) loves his grand babies!! 
All the Ainge girls talking (and Paul! Ha). 

The girls LOVED getting crashed over by the waves (especially Teya). 

Girls Day! 
Nona rocking her grandbaby, Wembley, to sleep, after a long day. 

Nona and Papa with their grandkids! 
Woo! T Money is HOT. 

Thatcher was really scared of the water. He didn't get in until one of the last days. 

meltdown moment 

Jungle Walk: 


Hangin' Around: Pool, Food, Dancing, etc. 

My brother in law, Paul, my husband, Tanner, and my brother, Landon, all were the brave souls who went scuba diving! 

Dinner at Cafe O'Lei. AMAZING. It is quite spendy, but it was an absolutely delicious meal. Worth the money!!

Dance parties. 

Some serious dancing parties with all of my nieces and nephews!

Celebrating Teya's 5th Birthday!
Family night. Playing some serious red rover. 

Bike Rides and Walks to the Taco truck/sno shack was the best! 


playing at the park! 
More Bike Rides! 

Allison's sno shack!!! 
Tanner loves family night. Ha. 

Portia and Palmer were fishes!! They wouldn't get out of the water! 
Baby bums are the best! 

Nona's ridiculous family night game ;) 

Uncle Landon and the boys!! 

Olivine Pools: 

 The Amazing Views: 

The most adorable church (with the prettiest view!) in the world! 

Family Photos: 

'Til next time. (because there WILL be a next time…T Money and I are planning to live there next summer. We'll see if it actually happens. We definitely will visit A LOT if not. But there won't be this many pictures next time because my whole extended family won't be there.) OKAY SORRY, BYE.

What was your favorite picture? 
What is your favorite thing you've ever done in Maui?


  1. I've never been to Hawaii, but your photos make me want to jump on a plane immediately! It looks like you and your family had a blast!

  2. Wow, looks like you had such a wonderful trip! Hawaii is so beautiful, thanks for sharing these gorgeous pictures!!

  3. I love Maui! And it looks like you and your entire family had such a blast!! My fav things in Maui are to get mangos at Li's fruit stand (in north Kihei), catch the sunset for a photoshoot, have Ululani's shaved ice with lychee and condensed milk and coconut ice cream, and cliff dive off a secret area in Hana. ;) To do: shoot the stars at night on Mt Haleakala. <3


  4. I love Maui!! Mu husband and I went there for our honeymoon :) We getting to go back to Hawaii this August, but we are going to the big island this time.

  5. I love Maui! I miss it and now more so than ever. It looks like you had a wonderful time :) I know we loved going on a scuba trip and a good trip to local sushi bars.


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