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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

10 Downsides of Being the Youngest

Last week, my mother came into town. Often times, for me, dealing with my family can bring an anxiety unlike any other, but I feel like I have come to the point  in my life where I am mostly comfortable with who I am, so being around my parents does not give me the anxious feeling that I once felt. 

Having my mom in town was really awesome. She helped me in my new house, we went to the Payson temple and showed her one of my favorite hikes in Utah County. 

I love this view. So much. 

This deer became our best friend. :)

While she was in town, we had a talk regarding birth order. 
I am the youngest of five children. I have three older sisters and one older brother. We are a loud, opinionated, very friendly family. 

The middle and oldest children who clicked this link are rolling their eyes (as are all of my family members!) thinking to themselves, "What in the world does a spoiled youngest child have to complain about?" I know that there are a lot of positive aspects about being the youngest, like we were able to get away with a lot of behaviors that our older siblings weren't able to, which is true. But there are, also, some definite downsides.

(yes, that is me!) 

1. You are Constantly Picked On. 
Your siblings like to make fun of you, mostly because they can and you are an easy target. Being the youngest, you have to learn to have thick skin and learn to make fun of yourself, which is something that I have gotten really good at. Ha! 

2. Your Parents Are Not As Young and Energetic.
Which also means that your children will have older grandparents as well. Your parents just don't have as much energy as they did with the first kids. They are older and more tired. 

3. Your Children Won't Have Any Cousins Near Their Age. 
This one isn't always necessarily the case, but, for example, one of my sisters is done having children while the others are close to being done. My children won't have any cousins around their age to be close with! 

4. You are Not Involved in Conversations. 
When the family gets together, they love to talk about things that are always one step ahead of you. When they are married, you are single. When they have kids, you just got married. It's as though you are always one step behind them and you can't relate to them as well. I know that my sisters talk a lot of the time about parenting, and because I am at a different stage of life, I am not involved in many of those conversations. This isn't anyone's fault, but simply because I am at a different stage of life. 

5. You're Rarely Taken Seriously. 
All of your comments or ideas tend be overlooked or laughed it. It just happens. Ha. 

6. You are Constantly Being Compared. 
"Oh, you are so-and-so's little sister!" 
You are known as the youngest and whether people mean to or not, you are constantly being compared and contrasted.

7. You Will Always Be the Baby. 
Always. Like I stated before, you are just a step behind and will always be the baby. 

8. As a Kid, You Were the Errand Runner. 
Do I need to explain this any more? 
"Go get me nachos." 

9. You were Dragged To All of Your Siblings' Activities. 
I went to tons of my sisters basketball games, piano practices, dance performances, etc. We are the constant cheerleader. 

10. People are Constantly Telling You How Spoiled You Are! 
And let's not forget the most annoying downside of being the youngest: you are simply always being told how much more stuff, attention, etc. you get! Ugh. 

All of you youngest children, would you add anything? 

Monday, June 29, 2015

Mermaids // Summer 2015

I lived in San Jose, California until I was 7. We had a pool in our backyard and I LIVED in it. I swam so much as a little girl that my blonde hair had started to turn green! My mom used to call me a fish. Whenever I get back in a pool, I don't know if it's just memories floating back or what, but I just LOVE it. In the summer, I truly could just live in a pool, just like the old days. I will have a pool in my backyard one day. Just you wait.
The other day, my friend Catherine and I went swimming. It is one of my favorite things to do in the summer, so I had to document it (typical blogger, am I right?). I don't think you're ready for this AMAZING water photo shoot. 

These pictures are truly gold.

Also, I don't know many places that have this kind of a view for a local pool. I love Utah!

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Friday, June 26, 2015

We All Need To Be Like The Kitty That Found Me:

Everybody and their dog (no, Saylor was actually really talking about this today...) has posted their two cents regarding the legalization of gay marriage throughout the United States. So many people feel like they have to post their OWN opinion on the matter. Here is what I'm seeing and noticing: 

Everyone is too busy posting their opinion on the matter to make themselves feel better! 

I know that sounds harsh, but it's true. Hell, people are probably reading this post that don't even care what I have to say. 

That's what social media is these days. Everyone feels like they have to write EVERYTHING that is going through their brains. Which is fine! We live in a wonderful country that allows freedom of speech. You do your thing. (Although I REALLY don't care what you ate for breakfast.) 

Yet, often times, I see people posting things on social media that are incredibly hurtful, judgmental and unkind. I have seen this so much particularly today. A large majority of people I follow are quite religious and conservative, and I'm seeing a large amount of social shares, in all facets, that seem so close minded and harsh. 

No matter what your opinion on the matter of 'gay marriage' is or whatever you want to call it, it is NEVER okay to belittle someone or be rude, even on the Internet. I don't know my thoughts or opinions on the matter. I truly don't. But that's not what this is about. This is about love, respect and kindness. Those three aspects should always be present, no matter what your opinion is. 

Last night, I opened my front door to let my good friend Marie out of the house around midnight and this adorable 2-3 month old kitten smelled Saylor and just walked right into my house. It (not sure if it's a boy or girl ha!) instantly came up to me and loved and cuddled me. (I still don't know what I'm going to do with it! She didn't have a collar or name tag and was skinny--currently finding out its
Health, owners, logistics, etc.) 

And sometimes, I think we need to be more like my puppy, Saylor, and this kitty. Become like a little child, if you will. We all need to love those around us, no matter their sexual orientation, race, gender, etc. it sounds so cliche and simple, because IT IS THAT SIMPLE!!!  

I love those people who are thrilled about the decision today to legalize gay marriage. I love those people who may be frustrated at this decision. That's the beauty of it. I hope both sides of the party can remember to love, respect and be kind...because to be frank, I'm sick and tired of all hate that is happening in this world. 

Oh, and I love seeing rainbows. Colors are fun. Haha! I'm such a hippie, guys. 

But, Look. KITTY!!!!! This makes everyone happy! Haha. 

See...Saylor just sits there and let's the kitty eat her food. That's love if I've ever seen it. Haha! 

Would love your thoughts. But remember, be kind. :) 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Cowboy Up // Summer 2015

Every year, T Money (and his family, my in laws) look forward to the Strawberry Days Rodeo! Especially since we moved to our local town, where the rodeo takes place, it feels a little bit more like our "home" rodeo. For me, there is something so therapeutic about going to a rodeo. I love watching all of the cowboys and bull riding and barrel racing, etc. It makes my country girl deep down, feel so… country! I put on my cowboy boots and for two nights in a row, I enjoyed my country night. It brings back so many memories of going to rodeos and checking out the cowboys in high school. Except now, I have my own hot cowboy, T Money. :)

Many of you may have seen some of these photos on Instagram.

Funny story about this little guy…this is my friend's nephew and throughout the rodeo, he kept turning to me and going, "Mommy…." Uhhh…. hahahaha. 

My cute little sister in law. 

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What is your favorite rodeo?
What is your favorite activity in the rodeo? Barrel Racing? Bareback riding? 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

How We Wore It// Keepin' It Casual

Guys, I'm on a roll. I feel like I am such a better blogger in the summer because, well, I'm not teaching. Ha. I'm also doing yet another fashion post. I have stated this before, but I am not a fashion blogger. That does not mean that I don't love fashion and clothes because I definitely do. But when you have hips and a butt like mine, it is really hard to find clothes to fit you…and then have someone take pictures of you? Not too fun.

One of my favorite reasons for participating with these other ladies is because I have learned to accept my body a little bit more. It is really hard to look at my body in photos when I know how I used to look, but I am realizing that this is who I am right now. I have always fluctuated and this is how I will be for the time being. Yes, I would like to lose weight and yes I would like to be skinnier and healthier, but for now, this is who I am. And that's kind of cool that this challenge has helped me see that.

For those of you who don't know how this process works or are new readers (welcome by the way!) I have collaborated with a group of awesome bloggers to take an outfit from another blogger and "tweak" it so that it matches our style. The only rule is that it has to be something already in your closet already though!! Here is the original photo:

I loved the idea of keeping it casual. I love dresses in the summertime because they fit my body better and they are cooler, but sometimes a casual outfit with a baseball cap is all that you need, ya know? I kept with the NY Yankees cap (not a Yankees fan by the way, it was just the only hat that fit me! Ha). Instead of wearing Camo, I decided to wear a Baseball tee to continue on with the baseball theme. I wore my black capris and my tan boat shoes. It was definitely a change from this outfit, but that's why this is such a cool challenge. 

Oh, and these photos were after a VERY long day…so yours truly is au natural--meaning, no makeup….hair barely brushed. Welcome to true Sierra. Huzzah! 
Also this exposed brick wall is in my new house. Have I mentioned how much I love my new house yet? No? Oh…. ;) 

I look so pissed here. Hahaha. 

I really was just fixing my hat, but hey, it worked. 


Outfit details: Baseball Hat // Ross, Baseball Tee // Old Navy, Black Capri pants // Old Navy, Boat Shoes// Clark's. 

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How would you change this outfit?
What do you have in your closet that would help you create a similar outfit? 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Five Places to Roadtrip in Utah.

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone.  #FuelTheLove #CollectiveBias

T Money and I just bought a house in May.
Which is awesome. 
This also means that we have to build our money back up and we are poor. Ha. 
So, for this summer, we are hanging around Utah and doing little fun day trips. There are so many exciting things to do in Utah, especially in the summer. There are so many activities, explorations and adventures that I didn't even know about in Utah until recently, so we are taking the time to do some awesome (semi) local activities. 

Piper, my 2013 Subaru Outback,  is an awesome car. She gets good gas mileage, has all wheel drive, has lots of room, and is just pretty. Maybe its the Oregonian rooted in me (get it? Trees…) but I love my car. And taking care of my car is very important to me! In order to do these road trips, I have to take care of her well. 

In order to prepare for these mini road trips, Piper needed an oil change. Just recently I took her into the Walmart Automotive Care Center while I was doing my shopping in my local Walmart. It was so awesome for the car to be done while I got to do my shopping! 

Also: From June 10th to September 9th, Pennzoil oil changes will be on Rollback at Walmart Automotive Care Center stores. The High Mileage price is $35.88, (Industry standard prices are 46$ or more!). The Platinum Full Synthetic oil price is $45.88, (Industry standard is 66$ or more!). 
My car takes Synthetic Motor Oil, which is what the Car Center put in. The Platinum (synthetic motor oil)  is best for cleanliness and protection when it comes to the Pennzoil line-up. 

Some other things that I have learned about Pennzoil oil after I have taken it in is: 

  • All Pennzoil products help clean out the other oils left behind. 
  • Pennzoil is designed for complete protection and will allow you to drive an extra of 550 miles per year--which is seriously awesome! 
  • It is great protection from friction. 

Follow on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more info!

T Money got to look at fishing gear and new tires while the oil change was being done. It was very efficient! This is how she looked after. Ain't she pretty? :) 

After Piper had her oil change and was ready to rock and roll, T Money and I were ready to spend this summer doing our day trips. Now, I know that there are tons of other places to visit in Utah, but these are some of our top five favorites places to road trip in Utah (so far)! 

1. St. George, Utah. 
The red rock should be enough of a draw to this awesome place! 

2. Zion's National Park 
T Money and I love to visit and hike down here. This is a place that everyone needs to visit :) 

3. Alpine Loop, American Fork Canyon 
One of my favorite drives to do in the Spring and Fall is the Alpine Loop over the American Fork Canyon into Midway. It is absolutely gorgeous!! 

4. Strawberry Reservoir 
This is up Daniels Canyon near Heber. Take the road out and you will get to this awesome fishing location. T Money and his dad have spent many days and nights hunting, fishing and camping out here. 

5. Deer Creek Reservoir. 
Deer Creek is just up Provo Canyon near Heber City. It is a gorgeous reservoir located right against the mountains. This is where T Money proposed to me. We have many fond memories of boating, fishing, and playing here. 

photos via Instagram. 

Where are your favorite mini road trips? 
What do you do to keep your car taken care of?

Monday, June 22, 2015

Flowers, Dresses, Fashion, Oh My!

I was a bridesmaid in a wedding on Saturday for one of my lifelong friends (we have known each other since birth.) It was such a fun, very hot day! I was lucky to be a bridesmaid (for the 8th time!!!) and enjoy her special weekend with her.
I thought my bridesmaid dress was so cute (it has flowers and it's dress..yes please!) , I thought that it would be fun to do a little "fashion post" for all of you to see. And it really is a rare moment to see my hair curled and this much makeup on my face, so I thought I would take advantage! Haha.

I LOVE my backyard (do you see how pretty it is!). I can't wait to eventually show you the before/after photos (it will be awhile. Haha!!!) I love living in my new house. And Saylor definitely wanted to participate in this, of course. She has huge FOMO.

Outfit Details:  Dress: eshakti // Shoes: TJ Maxx // Accessories (pearls): Macy's 

Some pictures from Instagram:

My mom came into town.

Some of the bridesmaids. 

Me and Candace! 

T Money is a babe.