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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

How We Wore It // Pleated Skirt // May

I have done a "How We Wore It" Collaboration with some of these fabulous ladies before, but I felt just as awkward doing it this time. Hooray!? I think we have established that I am not a fashion blogger. But, hey, I do love clothes! And that's all that matters. Own it, right? (Ha!). 

Essentially, what we all needed to do was take this adorable original outfit from Memorandum and put our own "twist" on it based on colors, textures, styles, etc. 

I am the first to admit that I am not as teeny as she is (don't worry, I'm not body shaming…I am simply stating a fact) so I found an outfit that I wear that is similar that I love. I have a denim shirt that goes with everything (seriously…everyone needs one. It is truly a staple item) and a pleated skirt, but floor length and tan. I added a necklace, put on my sunglasses and my hair in my bun (that I wear EVERY single day. You think I'm kidding.) and boom..there's my outfit. 

It has been raining every day for the past 17 days (yes, I have been counting…) and I am sort of sick of it. I love the green and the rain, but not every single day for 17 days!!!! It stopped raining this afternoon and the sun came out, so I quickly grabbed T Money and ran outside before it started raining. As many of you know, we just moved and I love our cute little street that we live in. It has such a pretty view! 

Huzzah. Enjoy. 
Sidenote: please be nice. I am by no means a fashion model (you can tell by my super awesome facial expressions). And I feel REALLY uncomfortable in front of the camera for many reasons. :) 

trying to not get my skirt dirty on the road. 

….and the skirt got wet anyway. 

I think I may be pissed at T Money in this picture...

Love my new home, street, and view! 

And don't forget to see how these ladies put their own twist on this outfit. I love seeing's everyone's creativity and own sense of style in these posts. I love participating in these because I get to use that creative side--and I love the uniqueness that it entails. Enjoy! 

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How would YOU put your own twist on this outfit? 


  1. I LOVE it! The color of the skirt is perfect. And you look lovely! I also love your top bun, it works so well with the whole ensemble!

  2. Love Love Love. Your hair is perfect, by the way! You are gorgeous, my dear!

  3. i'm obsessed with your outfit. it's amazing! i am so sick of the rain and would be furious trying to take pics in the rain. i have no idea how i escaped the rain to take mine.

  4. Good news - the rain is supposed to end TODAY! Let the summer begin!!

    Looking so good, girl.

  5. This outfit is so cute on you!! I really need to incooperate a denim shirt into my wardrobe.

  6. I feel super awkward in front of the camera, too.


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