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Sunday, September 13, 2015


Being a girl can be challenging sometimes.
I went out to lunch with some friends the other week and we were talking about all of the complications that happens to our bodies, physically and emotionally during "that time of the month."
Not only do we have to deal with lots of physical issues, we have to be uncomfortable in what we wear. Just recently, I bought the CleanWear Ultra Thin Regular Pads to wear on days when I find that I am more active. I love them. They are thin enough where they don't bother me while I am hiking, but strong enough to do it's job. I like to call myself the "UnderWarrior" while I am wearing them. I am strong enough to do what needs to be done in my day! Boo ya!

I try not to let "Mother Nature" determine if I am physical or do what I want to do. So I put on my CleanWear Ultra Thin Regular Pads and set out on my fun to continue my UnderWarrior ways! I just recently returned from Hawaii and I did not let my period bring me down. So I celebrated my UnderWarrior ways by being outside and seeing these sights by swimming, walking, hiking, in the beautiful state etc. See for yourself :) 

I'm so grateful that I got this product! 

Also, you can get FREE SAMPLES!!!  (because who doesn't love free samples? And let's be honestwe all need these!) of this awesome product by clicking here! You can sign up with your mailing information to become an "UnderWarrior" for yourself. 

What do you do to be an UnderWarrior during your special time of the month?

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