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Monday, April 6, 2015

Saylor Sue, The Things We Do For You.

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Saylor Sue (that's her middle name) is our (just barely one year old) mini aussie-doodle puppy.  We love her. A lot. Weird? I totally know. And totally don't even care.

T Money and I will be married two years in July (where does the time go?).
Sidenote: I have been begging for a puppy since I was a child and my parents never got me one because they are mean (just kidding, mom…kinda…still a little bit mad about it). I asked for two things growing up: a hot tub and a dog. Did I get either of those? Never. I had such a ruff life (get it? That was sarcasm by the way). 
Anyway, I digress.
After a year of being around T Money and convincing him that I'm NOT crazy, that it was, in fact, just the birth control, and I felt like I had a hold on my life and marriage (well, as much as you can "get a hold of life and marriage" Ha! I laugh just thinking about it), we decided to take the next step in our lives together.

A Dog.

We started researching different dog breeds and a mini aussiedoodle wasn't even on our radar. But, one afternoon, after stopping by a Veterinary Office in Orem, we knew we had to get this little fluff ball. She was feisty, but sweet, smart and freaking cute and I knew she had to be ours.

I mean, come on…look at her! Who wouldn't want to take her home?! 

In June, we will have had Saylor for a year. And my Instagram will show you just how much we love her. She's our little child. We have officially become those "crazy dog people."

Yea, we can make fun of ourselves for loving our puppy maybe a little too much, but if you've met Saylor, you can't help but love her. Yes, she tries to make out with you no matter your gender (and we are talking INSIDE the mouth--we've tried to train her out of this, but she's a stubborn cuss. Just like her momma.) and sure she will jump on you when she's excited, but she's just so hard to hate. Even though many of my in laws have tried, they just can't. She's a part of our family. And we love her.

Because we love her so much, we have to give her the best. And, well, that includes NEW delicious dog treats that are natural and don't have any artificial preservatives. Saylor Sue is kind of a diva (she's allergic to a lot of foods), we have to give her special treats that don't hurt her tummy. So we give her the Nudges Grillers Chicken and Steak dog treats at Walmart. She also likes the new Jerky Cuts at Walmart but the Grillers are her favorite. Because Saylor is so young, we use these treats to help with her training. They are the perfect incentive for her potty training and other tricks. 

Ignore the creepy red eyes. Stupid flash. 

Mmmmmm they smell so good.

One thing that I love about The Nudges® brand is that they are all about rewarding the unconditional love your dog gives you with treats you can trust. It's about celebrating the love you share, love that deserves to be rewarded. Also, because we love to keep Saylor happy, these treats help with the physical, emotional and social needs of our girl. 

She begs for these things all of the time. It is the perfect training tool! 

via instagram.
Even though T Money says he can't stand her…look at him hold her. He loves her. 

We found these in the Pet Care section under "dog treats" at our local Walmart. 

Check out all the flavors at and let me know which one you think your dog would love the most!


  1. Oh my goodness, she is so cute!

  2. Roxy's middle name is Anne.
    I yell at her when he is trouble with both her first and middle name and she knows then I mean it lol
    So middle naming a dog is a-okay in my book ;)


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