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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

What to Tell Yourself When You Don't Want to Exercise

Do you struggle with getting motivated to exercise? I can definitely relate. The motivation to exercise doesn't always come naturally to me despite the fact that I really enjoy it. That's why today I am teaming up with Sierra from Sierra's View to bring you six things to tell yourself when you don't want to exercise.

Sierra's tips: 

1. This Will Help My Emotional and Mental Health.
Anxiety, depression, and stress is exceptionally common these days. It seems as though everyone I know is dealing with many emotional and mental health problems (including myself!). And if they don't, they are stressed out of their minds. I love that exercise helps me physically, but I love what it does for my brain even more. I love my perspective afterwards--my mind seems to be more clear, calm and happy. 

2. I Will Feel Better About Myself. 
Each of us is beautiful in our own way…no matter what size you are. However, I have never felt worse about myself once I have exercised. I always seems to feel more beautiful after I exercise. 

3. I Will Have More Energy. 
More than anything in the world, exercise makes me have energy. I know that when I am exhausted, exercising is the LAST thing that I want to do. However, I find that afterwards, or even the next day, I have the energy to socialize and move and work harder at my job.

Cassie's tips:

1. I Will Feel Empowered. 
Nothing empowers me more then reaching my goals. I feel strong, confident, and brave when I take the time to invest in my health through exercise.  

2. I Will Be Motivated to Make Other Healthy Decisions.
I don't know about you, but when I exercise I am far more compelled to make other healthy decisions throughout the day. Exercise has this way of jump starting my day.

3. Starting Tomorrow Won't Get Me Closer to Where I Want to Be Today. 
Sometimes I have to remind myself to stop making excuses. I frequently have to tell myself that starting today is better then starting tomorrow, especially if I really want to take my health and fitness seriously. You cannot expect to make gains today (or feel better about yourself, have more energy, and be empowered) if you wait to until tomorrow to start. Plus, tomorrow will be easier if you start today.

What might you add to this list?


  1. I am seriously sitting here, binge watching ANTM and trying to find motivation to do my workout. I needed this!! Especially because I need to be motivated to make other healthy decisions! Thank you!

  2. I always tell myself "If you don't work out right now you'll most likely regret it, but you'll never regret actually working out." and that usually ends up working! (Not all the time, but most of the time. Whoops!)

  3. I wish I had seen this post earlier, I needed it! Now it's 9:30 and exercise is looking highly unlikely. Yep, wish I'd seen this sooner - these are great reminders.

  4. I love the "I will feel empowered" one. I few years ago, I actually wrote a post about Why I Run, it's kind of the same.


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