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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Daydreaming at a Cafe.

It's a brisk January afternoon.
I needed to have some deep-thinking time. I know that sounds weird, especially for all of you extraverts out there, but I did.
So I came to a cafe to write and think. For me, often times, writing at a cafe is my favorite thing in the world. I love being in the presence of other people, but not having to talk to them, if that makes sense.
One of my other favorite things about being in a public place alone is that I can people watch.
I am not a judgmental person, but I love just watching people and trying to guess their story. I am not judging, but I like to simply analyze where they come from, what they are doing, etc.
As  I have continued to come to this cafe to do my blogging work, I have noticed a pattern in behaviors in people. These are some of the people that I have watched and seen.

She's in a bright pink shirt and a psychedelic scarf. Her hair is still wet because she is trying to prove to the world that she isn't physically high maintenance. She isn't wearing any makeup. She is talking with her guy and girl friend extremely loud. Why is she talking so loud? I mean, it is so loud that she is two tables away and I can hear literally every.single.word that she is saying. She has been going on about her two horses for about 20 minutes. She is doing most of the talking. She's opinionated, but nice. She's someone you would want to invite to a party with you.

The rich couple who are older, are dating, have been for awhile, and are content to sit together in silence and drink coffee. She, on the other hand, is very high maintenance. She is wearing a nice cardigan and dress pants, probably from J. Crew or Banana Republic, and her hair doesn't even move it's so put together. She doesn't say much, but when she does, it's very rigid. I saw them get out of a porsche. They probably love to go out to eat together often. I think that they travel the world together.

The two bros in their sports jerseys. You can tell that they feel uncomfortable being here at this "girly" place, but they are buds and the food is delicious. One is in a Seahawks jersey and the other in a beanie and a Real Salt Lake jersey. They aren't saying anything, but have a crap ton of food that they are eating. I bet these two are roommates and had no food so they came here to get some delicious food.

The indie guy in his glasses and long sleeve crew neck and brown boots. He is alone and keeps looking at me as I am typing. Not because he is trying to check me out (or maybe he is…I am sort of a  hot item! Ha), I can tell he is lost in thought. I bet he plays the guitar somewhere on Friday nights.

The two business buddies. These guys have literally been talking about their business ideas for about 30 minutes. They are talking numbers and money and all important business crap that I don't even like to hear about because, well, I choose to be with 12 year olds by choice as my career. Their in suits on a Saturday afternoon, which means they are very dedicated to their work.

The woman who showed up in pajama bottoms and is either hung over or not all there mentally. Her hair is everywhere and she looks very confused, like she's never been here before. She doesn't look very happy. She looks really lonely. I smiled at her and she just looked away. I want to go to her house and bring her cookies.

The family with three little kids and one baby. How cute are they? The kids are pretty well behaved, which I am okay with at a place like this. Of course the little girls are dressed in adorable little patterned pants and their hair is both in braids. They are a typical, Mormon Utah family, but they look happy. I can tell that the parents are good parents and love their children. One day, I would like to be there. But not with that many children under the age of nine. Haha!

Do you ever go to a local cafe that you love? 
Do you like to people watch?

Til next time…


  1. I live in a college town, and I tend to do this at Chipotle which is one of the busiest restaurants when the kids are in school haha. You've got a wide range of people that eat there from half asleep college students in their pajamas at 2 in the afternoon to the dad and his 3 extremely well behaved kids on a Sunday after church. I'm definitely a people watcher too.

  2. I absolutely love to people watch! Also, I love the way you wrote this!

  3. Loved reading this--I want to go hang out in a coffee shop now!

  4. I work in a coffee shop and often when we're bored we will assign background and stories to the people that sit in there to pass the time. It's quite fun analyzing people and imagining what it's like.


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