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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Holiday Date Night Ideas!

I am so excited to have Brooklyn on my blog today. Brooklyn is an adorable, fun, sweet lady who writes about her growth in marriage and relationships. I have loved reading her blog and getting to know her through this blogging world!

Hello lovelies! I'm Brooklyn from A Little Too Jolley. If you want to get to know me you can learn more about me HERE.

But today I'm here to share ten fun holiday date night ideas!

1. Make a Gingerbread House together.
Most groceries stores have premade kits that are super simple to put together or you can go all out and DIY!

2. Watch a Christmas movie on Netflix.
I made a list of a TON of Christmas movies you can watch on Netflix. Watching movies is the perfect way to enjoy some cuddle time together which I truly can never have enough of.

3. Look at Christmas lights.
Get into your PJ's, drive around, listen to Christmas music and find the houses with the very best Christmas lights!

4. Do some Christmas shopping. 
Make a list of all the people you need gifts for, hit up your local mall and go cross something off your to-do list while holding hands with your honey.

5. Find a local ice skating rink and go skate.
I swear ice skating is in almost every Christmas movie, it's tradition! And if you fall down, I guess your spouse will just have to pick you back up. 

6. Bake, decorate and deliver sugar cookies.
Try a homemade recipe or pick up a simple mix. It will be a blast decorating and talking about who you could deliver them to. 

7. Attend the Nutcracker or A Christmas Carol.
Both performances are sure to bring the Christmas spirit. Lots of cities you can find cheap or expensive tickets depending on where you go to see the performance. 

8. Go sledding. 
Buy a sled, find a local hill, and have at it!

9. Take pictures.
 Find another couple, go out and take turns taking "family pictures" for your Christmas cards.

10. Create your own holiday bucket list.
Decide what things you both want to do during the holiday season and hang it up somewhere where you will both see it! 

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  1. Great ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love all of these! This is why christmas is the best time of the year!

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