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Monday, November 17, 2014

Gift Giving from the Northpole!

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone.

I have some dear friends who are going through a rough go. I know that it is not technically Christmas time, but the brisk, cold (excuse me--freezing) weather that has hit Utah gets me in the holiday season mood. I keep begging my husband to let me watch Christmas movies and listen to Christmas music and to let me decorate my home, but he won't let me!! He reminds me that our rule is to wait til after Thanksgiving dinner. 

Luckily, the stores all around me are making me feel festive enough. These dear friends have been on my mind for the past few weeks and I thought that this was the perfect opportunity to give their children these fun gifts. Luckily, Walmart and #NorthpoleFun #CollectiveBias has wonderful gifts from Northpole by Hallmark that is available. These fun gifts allowed for my festive edge to be able to kick in and start that gift giving that I love to do during this season. 

I decided on these three gifts for my friends: 
*Once Upon A Northpole Christmas story book + Find me Santa Snowflake. 
*Magic snowflake 
*Northpole Communicator 

One of my favorite holiday traditions are collecting Christmas stories. My mother used to always keep a basket of Christmas stories out int he family room during the holiday season. We would read a story together every night. This book, Once Upon a Northpole, goes along perfectly with this tradition. I gave this book to my friend, but I decided to get one to start my collection. 

One of my dear friends favorite gift was the snowflake that came with the book. There is something about making a gift so personal for a child. This video talks about the special gift below. 

Go pick up these adorable gifts to get your children ready for the holiday season with fun traditions!
Now, I'm going to go put my small christmas trees up :) 


  1. Love. I'm such a marketing nerd, but I love when an interactive piece is included to personalize a product.

  2. Oh those sound like such wonderful gifts! I am going to have to check them out :)

  3. My youngest sibling is 14, so my family has had a Santa-less Christmas for quite a few years. But, last year, my husband and I spent it with his brother's family. They have 4 kids under the age of 9. It was so cool to have the magic of Christmas again. Before they went to bed, we watched Santa's sleigh ride on the NORAD website, then on Christmas morning, to see their surprised faces at the haul Santa brought special. It'll be a year or two before Rhys understands Christmas, and I can't wait!

  4. I think it's so sweet that you used these adorable items and helped to bring a little Christmas spirit to friends--even before thanksgiving ;) #client


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