Sierra's View: September Was a Good Month.

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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

September Was a Good Month.

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September was such a fun, busy, crazy month! 
If you follow me on Instagram, then you know how busy it was with all of my posts. 
I wanted to show you a fun recap of my Super September! Woo hoo.
September included: being in three weddings, went to a Colbie Caillat concert, played with Saylor a lot, had a lot of family visit , it was my birthday…a whole lot of fun! 
All photos via Instagram. 

(start in left corner and go right--then go back down!) 

1. My blogging friend, Elise is now my work friend at an elementary school. Small world!
3. Celebrating one of my best friends weddings as a bridesmaid. 
4. Alpine, UT mountains. Thats where I live. Unreal. 
5. The sky is on fire.
6. Cousin's wedding. 
7. Pretty Orange Sky. 
8. T Money and I. 
9. Pretty Flowers. 

1. Gorgeous home in the country for a wedding. 
3. Bridesmaids being classy with our DC. 
4. Weddings and friends!!!
5. Spent all this past weekend with Saylor. 
7. Wedding dinner with my hot husband. 
8. September really wore us out, can you tell? 
9. Saylor turned 6 months old!! 

1. Sister came to visit!
2. Colbie Caillat herself…up close & personal. 
3. Colbie Caillat concert with Aly!
4. High School Friends at Claire's Open House. 
5. Wishing Lexie a Happy Birthday & reminiscing my wedding. 
6. Friends at bridal showers. 
7. Ice Blocking with my young women!

2. Friday afternoon walks with my family. 
4. Birthday Dinner!
5. My students spoiled me on my birthday. 
6. Birthday dinner with friends. 
7. Early morning walk views. 
8. Saylor loves watching animal shows. 
9. T Money loves Saylor. 

1. Watching friends play football! 
2. Football game with the in laws. 
3. Selfie! 
4. Baby Sisi
5. Matching saltwater sandals with my student. 
7. Saylor waits at the door for me everyday :)  
9. Flowers on a walk. 


  1. Looks like a wonderful September! How adorable that your doggy waits for you at the door!

  2. Beautiful pics! Looks like you definitely had a great month. Hoping October is just as great or even better.

    Thrifting Diva


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