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Friday, October 17, 2014

27 Dresses and a Beauty Makeover.

Have you guys ever seen the movie "27 Dresses" with Katherine Heigl? Well, it's a very cute romantic comedy about a a woman who was a bridesmaid for 27 weddings. Well, friends, I have officially become her. Haha!
Now, I am married so I don't have to deal with the phrase "Always a bridesmaid, never a bride." I have now been a bridesmaid in 11 weddings! Woot. It's been so fun to watch my dear family and friends get married and go through such a special time.
But, I have been a bridesmaid in 4 weddings in the past month. It has definitely been a whirlwind. I am the first one to admit that I am not good at doing hair and makeup, so I was a little stressed as to what I was going to do.

Luckily, my blogging friend, Jen from Classy Cosmetics, came to my rescue.
Jen is one of the most amazing, makeup artists that I know. She has a natural gift to see people's beauty and find what works for them. For one wedding, It was more fall colors with gold and maroon, etc. The second wedding was more pinks and reds. She found what worked for me and made me look and feel beautiful.
Jen does makeup for all types of activities--plays, etc. For Halloween, she would be PERFECT. My favorite thing about Jen is that she truly is one of the sassiest, kindest, and outgoing people that I know. She is so good at making you feel comfortable and is so fun to talk to! Check her out today.

I am so happy for all of my friends and family and their exciting, beautiful weddings!
Sometimes there is nothing better than a beauty makeover, am I right? :)


  1. ok I am jealous that you have so many friends! Ive only been a bridesmaid once. womp womp

  2. Oh my goodness...four weddings? You need a vacation!

  3. I'm jealous of all your bridesmaid adventures too! I've only been one twice. Although I do love that in our culture, married women can be bridesmaids too. Not just the singles!

  4. Awwwwww you are so sweet!!! I had such a blast getting to know you and your wonderful spirit. You have a way about you sister! Muah!!!

  5. Oh how fun! I wish that I had more friends so I could be in their weddings :D Your makeup looks amazing!


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