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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Five Reasons Why Halloween is a Teachers Least Favorite Holiday.

Don't get me wrong, there are many things I love about Halloween. I love the vintage, black decorations. I love all the kids in their adorable costumes. I love Hocus Pocus (that counts, right?). I love candy. Cause, well, I am human. 

But, I think it's safe to say that Halloween as a 6th grade teacher might be one of my least favorite days of the year. 
I know, am I a Halloween Scrooge or what? 

Okay, but for reals. 
I don't know, maybe it's the fact that the kids are all cracked out on candy seven days before AND seven days after the specific holiday. 
Or perhaps it's the fact that I have twelve year old girls in the bathrooms for 30 min before school, during lunch, and any chance they can get...primping their eyeliner that their mom put on earlier that morning and it's already coming off because they were crying because some boy called ther costume for Medusa ugly (true story last year. Such nice, gentle spirits...) 

Mostly, I just think it's hilarious. I usually just bring my camera and take pictures of students and put it on the end of year slideshow so I can remember the candy-induced, attention-driven costumes. 

Now, I know some of you teachers out there may disagree with these statements. I would just like to inform you that I sort of have a love/hate relationship with Halloween. I don't necessarily HATE it, I just have to mentally prepare for it, every year. In fact, some of my own coworkers and friends who are teachers may disagree with all of this. As a general rule though, throughout a couple of years of teaching and talking with fellow teachers, I have noticed a pattern. 
Alas, I regress....
Moving on. 

So, I give you Five Reasons Why Halloween is a Teachers Least Favorite Holiday. 

Reason #1-Please, kid, don't die. 
We spend the entire day basically just trying to make sure the kids don't die. 
'Dont hit her with that wand.' 
'Take that mask off.'
'How many pieces of candy have you eaten? Are you going to have a heart attack?' 
Pretty much the average comments that happen on this day. I spend the whole day making sure that the students don't kill themselves or each other. So lovely. 

Reason #2- My Ears Cannot Take Any More Loudness. 
Classes are loud. Include  Halloween candy, costumes and excitement and now you have 25 students who are on an equivalent of crack cocaine. 
That's all I have to say about that, really. Yikes. 

Reason #3- I Have Worn Too Many Costumes in my life. 
I have to come up with a costume EVERY.SINGLE.YEAR?! 
And hello people, I am dressing up for school everyday, for other holidays, for plays, etc. homegirl is running out of ideas! 
I like to think of myself as a creative person, but okay, this is just ridiculous. I'm broke. Teachers get paid crap. I don't have the money nor time to buy or make a costume. And let's be honest, sometimes thinking of a costume is just way too much brain power. Ain't nobody got time for that.

Reason #4-The Halloween Hangover. 
The Day After Halloween. OMG. 
Sometimes even worse than Halloween is the day AFTER Halloween. They expect students to come to school and focus and not stash candy in their desks? Oh okay. I usually get a combination of two things on the hangover of Halloween. 
1. Sugar rush. 
2. Then a sugar crash. 

Reason #5- But, like, can I take a nap? 
Okay, so I know I'm an introvert. But for being an introvert, I have a lot of energy. I do great with my students and actually do fairly well after school, considering. But that day of Halloween just WIPES ME OUT. Holy Hannah. Like, I don't even want to celebrate Halloween after school. Id rather lay in my bed and sleep in the dark with silence so I am not bombarded with noise and costumes and scary things. Sigh. 

So. Basically. 
I love my job.
(No, but really, I do.) 

Happy Halloween :) 
May you be safe and happy and not kill your children. I promise I won't. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

"Overall, We Had a Pretty Good Year."

When it comes to the department of in-laws, I got pretty lucky.
I am the first daughter in law in the family and we live about 5 minutes from Tanner's parents so it's been so fun to get closer with my in laws; and be a part of their lives. 
The Charlesworth gang is very different than the Ainge gang, but it's still awesome to see and learn the differences. 
First off, the Charlesworth gang is way more country than the city-folk, sports obsessed family that I grew up in. I loved how I grew up, but it's still interesting to learn new things: about hunting, fishing, being more outdoors. 
We thought it would be pretty funny to use that country background and dress up in our "country attire' as a joke. As you can see, we took some normal photos. 
The background of these photos are so beautiful and rustic, I couldn't even handle it.

We were jokingly coming up with phrases that relate to these photos. I think my favorite is:
"Overall, we had a pretty good year."
(hardy har har) 

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Family Photo Outtakes.

Last week, I posted my beautiful family photos. I came across these awesome out takes and thought I would share with you. 
Because who doesn't love funny photos, right? 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Family Photos.

I don't have much to say because I'm going to let these beautiful photos do the talking. 
But, here are my two cents: 
A) fall in the mountains are unreal.
B) my husband and puppy are so cute. 
C) I guess this means I'm an adult cause I'm gonna use some of these for Christmas cards. Who wants one?! :) 
Enjoy :) 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Holly Hoop 2014 & an Announcement

Well friends, the time has come...
I will be posting about 3-4x a week now with some possible posts on the weekend, instead of 5 times Monday-Friday. Some may argue this sentiment, but for the next few months, my life is quite insane with, well, life and sometimes the weekends inspire me more!  I have decided that I want to write when I make QUALITY posts. For me, quality is what I look for.  So y'all may be getting less posts, but better posts :) 
You check back here every few days and you will find some good stuff. HOLLA! This blog is such a special place for me, and I want to continue it, but I also don't want to lose myself. I don't want to become someone I'm not. 
I also want to be present in real life a little more as well. 

This past weekend was my Fall Break. T Money had a hunting tag so I ditched his cute little booty and drove out to Oregon. Three years ago, my dear niece, died from SIDS (see posts on sidebar that talk about dealing with death). Every year my sister and brother in law put on a 5k/10k race to fundraise for another family who's lost a baby. It's a fun event to honor our sweet Holland, while helping others. This is called The Holly Hoop. I have never had the opportunity to go because it's always in Oregon and I usually have school, but it happened to fall on fall break this year, so I went! 
It was so much fun! 
I loved spending time with my parents, siblings, nieces and nephews. I got to road trip with good lifelong friend and have awesome conversations. It was a quick trip, but it was so enjoyable. 
If you saw on my Instagram you noticed all the adorable photos of my nieces and nephews. It's really not fair how cute they are. No, seriously. 
Nothing better than a quick getaway to see family and in Oregon--the prettiest state! (But I'm biased) 
Thinking of you, my dear angel niece, Holland. We love and miss you everyday. 
My Oregon people--next year, get your booties to this fun event! 

The pink ladies ready to run (this was not planned!) 

My sisters beautiful family. 

Niece, wembley. 

My cute nieces. 

Holland <3

Ready to exercise! 

Papa and Wembley 

The most beautiful baby in the world, my nephew, Thatcher. 
This is literally the path behind my house. Love it. Love the long walks I take with my mom whenever I go home. 
Side story: on the way back to utah, we realized we needed gas. But we were out in the middle of nowhere. So we drove 40 miles pretty much on empty. When we filled up, this is what happened. I have an 18 gallon tank. Yea...Jesus loves us.