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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Birthday: Thoughts and a Giveaway!

Well, it's my birthday. 
I did it. I survived another year.
And I thought to myself…how cool would it be if I got to include some of my favorite bloggers (and a couple non bloggers) to say a few things about me, whether a favorite memory, post or just thoughts on me.  I have lots of new followers, and hey, what better way to get to know this birthday girl then from other peoples' thoughts?! I have loved the friendships I have made through blogging. These girls are such wonderful bloggers and people. I loved reading what they had to say :)

I will be hiking and eating a yummy dinner with my husband tonight. 
You…well, you, get to enjoy this post. 
And a little surprise giveaway at the end! Enjoy! 


I don't know that I have a specific memory of Sierra, but I always love how open and honest she is! I always know that Sierra is willing to chat about anything under the sun! I love her outgoing personality and genuine concern for others.
---Amberly (Life with Amberly and Joe) 

By far my favorite post and how I first stumbled across Sierra's blog is this one:
Things Not to Say to Someone with Depression
It really hit home with me and above all showed me that Sierra was a genuine person, that didn't hide behind fluff on her blog. Now can we be real life friends, pretty please?!

You seriously have a heart of gold and I'm so glad that we crossed paths in this big old blogging world.  I feel like you're my twin and you encourage me to never be ashamed of who I am, depression and all.  It's pretty freaking freeing!!  You have a light inside of you that I don't even think you realize you have; of confidence, grace, charm, and loyalty.
-Rachael (The Rachael Way)

One of my favorite memories with Sierra was actually the first time i met her. there was a meetup at the awful waffle in provo. i ended up sitting next to her. we bonded over unwashed hair and laughed and laughed all night long.
-Aubrey (Aubrey Zaruba) 

I'll tell you how I actually meet Sierra, like most people I know- I met her online.
So I was looking through Pinterest and came across one of Sierra's formal wedding pictures, so I clicked on the link and serious fell in love with her and Tanner's photo session! I just thought to myself "This couple is perfect and the photos were done so well and just everything was perfect!!" I then some how found her Instagram account and fell in love with Sierra even more, I had a total girl crush on her! ;) She had her blog link in her bio and uhm hello! Even better, she's a blogger!!! So I read through her blog, commenting on posts and hoping she'd notice me... she finally did. :3 When she came to my place for a blogger get together, I was low key fan girling because my girl crush is in MY house... and the rest is history! ;)
-Camille (Confidently Aligning

When I met Sierra it wasn't like I was really meeting Sierra. We'd been internet friends for... I don't know... 2-3 years? Does that sound right Mrs. Charlesworth? We emailed about teaching, blogs, BYU, and soon turned to texting about our families, puppies and friends. So when she showed up at my door for Harry Potter Book Club this spring it didn't even feel like meeting for the first time. Sierra is very much herself online - if you follow her on any social media you KNOW her. She's honest, open, true. It's refreshing in this online world of fake personalities or being more interesting online than you really are in real life. So instead of saying we've been friends for a few months, I'd like to wish my friend of several years a big Happy Birthday and best luck in your next year!
-Danica (Danakin Skywalker) 

How did I even begin to talk about Sierra? Let’s start from the beginning.
Sierra and I met during our freshmen year at BYU-Idaho. We had practically ever class together so we were destined to become friends. Sierra was spunky and direct and at first it took me off guard but she was exactly the kind of friend I needed. Life happened and we didn’t stay quite as close because of distance but as destiny would have it we both ended up in Utah. We both started blogging and as many of you know, nothing brings you together quite like a blog! Sierra was always there to talk shop, for a boost of confidence when I was nervous at a blog get together, and always available when I needed a late night chat with someone. Basically, Sierra is the kind of friend that every girl wants and needs in her life. She will tell you exactly what she thinks, she will be blunt with you, she will be 100% committed and completely loyal, and she will just be there for you whether things are looking up or down.
So Sierra. Happy birthday! You’ve made a large impact on a lot of lives during your 24 years on earth. I know everyone around you thinks the world of you. And just for the record, I do too. Thanks for always being the kind of friend I need. Love you!
--Kelsey (Stories of Kel) 

I. Love. Sierra. Sierra is one of the kindest and sweetest person I have ever met in my entire life. Even if she is down or going through a hard time, she will always have a smile on her face. Sierra inspires me to be happy. Because that is what she's best at - being completely optimistic and positive about everything. Happy birthday sierra!! I love you! 
-Amanda (We and Serendipity

HAPPY BIRTHDAY week, Sierra!
When I first started blogging Sierra was one of my first followers and her blog was one of the first that I followed. I think that was about 2 years ago. Sierra and I became instant virtual-friends, she always left the most thoughtful comments. I always loved reading them, because you could tell she actually read and thought about the post, which is the reason we all blog, right? We want people to read what we have to say and to provoke thoughts that might not have occurred otherwise. There were plenty of times in that first year that I was ready to give up on blogging, it’s another full time job. You have to maintain relationships, keep up on sponsorships, and of course, create new content on the daily - it can be pretty rough. It’s bloggers like Sierra that keep this fun game going. She has original fun posts, she is detail-oriented, organized and never EVER forgets.

Recently, after 2 years of being virtual friends, I finally met Sierra. We were texting for 2 weeks prior about a blogger meet up and I really wasn’t sure if I wanted to go. She kindly convinced me that I had to go and kept checking into to make sure I knew that she wanted me there, another great characteristic she has. So I arrived 45 minutes late and she still had a spot for me saved. Outside of being a great blogger, she’s really a great friend. A few days after the blogger meet up, we went to Martina McBride together and had a really fun night talking about every topic we could cover in 4 hours and it was so much fun.

So, Sierra, I hope you have a wonderful birthday - you deserve it!
-Miki (Becoming What I Always Was

Feelings of Inadequacy 
So this blog post was the very first I ever read of Sierras. I worked with her husband and remembered he mentioned she had a blog so of course I went to go stalk it (I mean...check it out...casually) This was her most recent post at the time and I remember reading it and feeling SO empathetic and every sentence I kept thinking "ME TOO. ME TOO. HEY THATS JUST LIKE ME AS WELL". Her writing style was so relatable to me and the things she was going through I had gone through and I instantly felt connected to her. I pretty much devoured her blog that night and felt so much compassion for Sierra and felt so connected to her, even though we'd never even talked. It didn't take long for us to become the best of friends and turns out, we are essentially twins/lovers so I mean... it was a match made in heaven. I will always be in debt to her for this wonderful friendship, built on a beautifully written blog that struck a chord way deep down in my heart. Seriously the happiest of birthdays to you, my friend. You deserve it. Love your face.
-Catherine (The Influence of You

I love Sierra! She's like a bright shining ball of energy. My favorite thing about Sierra is that you always know exactly how she feels. No holding back here people!
Her honesty and spunk immediately attracted me to her and we've been friends ever since.

++And last, but not least, one of my besties wanted to be included in this post even though she isn't a blogger. This one is directed kind of just towards me, but it works :) 

My Dear Sierra, 
i just spent the past hour going through all the pictures that i have of the two of us. we have undoubtedly had many adventures. to think that we have been friends now for over six years, thats just crazy to me. when i first met you back in fall 2008 i knew that you were going to be a very important person in my life. i knew that we would be eternal friends, it was strange, but i could just sense it. we went through so much those first few months of our friendship, but through all the ish...we remained close. i believe it was our mutual love of 'friends' along with our stubborn need to talk to each other as often as possible. ​
one of my favorite memories of you is during that first semester that we were roommates. you would climb up into my bed at night and we would giggle, gossip, and oogle over the 'men' in our lives...or not in our lives. i had never laughed so much and felt such an instant friendship to anyone in my life and every night i gave thanks to our Father in Heaven for the great blessing of having you as one of my roommates. you got me past that barrier of wearing pants or not wearing pants in socially acceptable situations! more than that you have always been an excellent example of what it means to persevere through the most adverse trials with the testimony you have been grooming your entire life. such endurance was brought to my remembrance while i was on my mission and helped me get through some of my hardest times. I will always count you as one of my best friends Sierra! God sent you to this earth to influence change around you, and you certainly have in me. I love you dear! Happy Happy Birthday!!


And, because, well, it's my birthday (wait…you didn't know that?) I decided I wanted to give one of YOU a present. I'm so kind, I know. I have teamed up with my dear blogging friend, Alexa, who has the most adorable Etsy shop on the planet, to give away 35$ worth of store credit!!! Her shop includes, but is definitely not limited to, these beautiful drawings of my two favorite LDS temples. We have them up in our home! This shop has so many cute things. You will definitely want to be involved in this one. Good luck :) 

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  1. I loved reading through all the comments. & love that you and Kels have stayed friends throughout these years. Happy Birthday, girl! You mean so much to me in my life and I am SO blessed to have you as a friend.

  2. YAY! Happy birthday, look at all your friends loving up on you, how special!


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