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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Top Ten Must-Have Items For College

 I remember packing up my room the night before I left for college. I sat on my bed and I shed a tear or two. I was encompassed by a whole range of emotions: happy to move on, sad to leave my comfortable bed and old friends, nerves as I transitioned into the next phase of my life. It was a bittersweet moment. As I look back on my first apartment in college, I can't help but chuckle because my apartment is bigger than my current one! Haha. But, there were definitely some mandatory items that I valued as I decorated my dorm/apartment. I want to share with you some of these goodies, all of which, you can get at Walmart!!

1. Ipod.
Oh man, I cannot even tell you how much my iPod saved my life. I listened to music while working out, while studying, etc. It is an essential when you may need to get away from loud roommates! 

2. Cute Comforter. 
You don't want to get stuck with that old mattress that has been through who-knows-what! Thee are tons of adorable mattresses that you can find to spruce up your dorm room and make it feel a little more homey. 

3. Movies. 
Oh, man. Movies were a nightly occurrence in our apartment as freshman. Luckily, each of us brought some of our favorites and we would stay up late and avoid doing homework! 

4. Water Bottle.
When you are walking around campus and sitting in all of those classes, you will want a good water bottle. This was something that I was always in need of.

5. Cute Agenda/Planner. 
I promise, you will want to write down all of your assignments. This will make your transition much easier. There are so many options for planners, but this will help you organize your life and make you feel less stressed. 

6. Laptop. 
I am personally a Mac fan, but honestly, any laptop will do. You will want your own to write papers in your room and to be able to have your own private space. 

7. Desk Lamp. 
For those late night papers, you will want a desk lamp by your laptop. This will give you light while your loud roommate can snore the night away! 

8. Kleenex.  
You will get sick. I promise. Why not keep the sniffles away with Kleenex Expression Oval Facial Tissue Chevron Designs?!  I personally have these on my desk right now and it looks so much classier! I have my planner right next to it in this photo too :)

9. Framed Photos.
You will miss your family and friends. Make sure to have photos that have cute frames around them on your desk with your Kleenex, laptop and desk lamp to help remind you of all the people who love you when you are away! 

10. Handheld Vacuum. 
Your floor will get bombarded with garbage, food, dust, and gross stuff. Keep a handheld vacuum in your closet nearby to help clean up when things get a little too gross! 

As you transition into college just remember these important items that you can pick up for a cheap price at Walmart

This post is sponsored by Kleenex and Walmart, but my love for their dorm style is all my own!


  1. Very true. Also I found a little trash can by my desk was really helpful as well.

  2. I cringe to think of what dorm room mattresses have been through.

  3. Things have changed so much from the time I went to college, ha ha ha. Back then it was a big deal just to have a desktop computer!

    1. Haha! This made me crack up Karly! And great picks! I definitely agree with the iPod!

  4. This is a great list! A handheld vacuum is something I probably wouldn't have thought of, but definitely would need!

  5. Great list! I loved back-to-school shopping for college - made me feel so adult to be shopping for bedroom and bathroom supplies for my own apartment! :)

  6. i wouldnt have thought about frames


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