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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I Am a Product of My Family.

At the beginning of August, I spent a lot of time with my family--sisters, parents, nieces and nephews, etc. in Oregon at my cabin. I am the youngest of five children. I have three older sisters and one older brother (don't feel too sorry for him--he's the favorite. No, really).
My family is crazy. In a good way. (Kind Of). Everywhere I go, I have people telling me, "You look so much like your mom!" and "Oh my gosh, you talk so much like your sister!"etc. etc. After spending a significant amount of time with my family in one cabin I realized that I have gained so much of who I am from them (as many of us have). I like to believe that I am not like my family because they are loud, opinionated and very Type A. (Nooooo I'm not that way, I don't know what you're talking about), but alas, the whole "nature v. nurture" thing comes into play and that whole nurture part is quite prevalent. I am so convinced that so much of who we are is due to our nurturing and upbringing. Let's take me for example. I am actually naturally an introvert (Shocking, I know) but because I am the youngest of a very boisterous, stubborn family…I am more that way. If I had a quieter family, I guarantee I would be much quieter. Tanner always laughs because he always says "Your mom does that." And I get so mad.  Also, I look at the students in my class and it is incredibly prevalent in my kiddos. They are so much like their parents. They take their thoughts, mannerisms, personalities, etc. and use them as their own.

This is my family.

Aren't they cute? This was after a long day on the lake so forgive us if we don't look all dolled up.

I am a product of my family.

I am a product of my family (my father): I watch a television show all alone and laugh out loud--quite loud--to myself. You can hear me from the other room. Others will laugh at my laugh.

I am a product of my family (my mother): I am obsessed with walks. Everyday, if I am too swamped, I have to at least take my puppy for a walk. I love to enjoy nature and

I am a product of my family: I'm really loud. Ha.

I am a product of my family:  I feel like it's my duty to express my opinion. Even when no one asks for it.

I am a product of my family: I am a pretty natural athlete. I am bigger now, but hey, I played volleyball the other day and was by far one of the best. Just saying (do I sound cocky yet?) Along with this, is my natural competitiveness. I get super into board games, sports, etc--whether watching or playing, and like to win.

I am a product of my family: I love kids. Everyone in my family loves children. So much.

I am a product of my family: I am not afraid to be in front of a group of people. Every single sibling in my family has no problem with public speaking, being in front of others, being the center of attention, etc. Weird.

I am a product of my family: I love to go on trips, vacations and travel. This is more my mother, probably. But vacations and travel are my life. It gives me something to look forward to.

I am a product of my family: FOMO. Tanner says, "This should be number one!" My family all has this thing called "Fear Of Missing Out." If something is happening, we have to be a part of it. We hate missing out.

I am a product of my family: I am sociable. I can talk to anyone, I can connect with anyone and I love people (sometimes). My entire family is like this. Do we sound intense enough yet?

I am a product of my family: I have good hair. We all have really good hair. Woo hoo! Thanks Kuykendall genes!

And that's all I can think of now.

What aspects do you have that make you a product of your family?
If you know me and/or my family, is there anything you would add to this list? 


  1. Love this so much!! And you all have great hair!!

  2. Such a solid post. I think everyone is a product of their family, even if it's because you grew up one way and want to be totally different. I definitely have a very loyal personality like my dad, I also get my "joker" personality from him. Besides looking just like my mom, I get my independence and supporting personality from her :)

  3. I love seeing such a large family in one picture. This is what I hope will happen in my future. :)

  4. Love this! I definitely get my stubborn side, my competitive nature, and my determination from my mom. My dad taught me generosity and compassion. My family all likes to joke together as well. :)

  5. Such a great post! Isn't it funny how many traits we derive from our family? Do you mind if I copy this post idea?

  6. its nice that you know they are the ones who made you who you are

  7. I absolutely love this! It's so interesting to see how much you actually are like your parents or how people can tell you are all related based on your personalities.

  8. I love this post! Might have to steal the idea ;)


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