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Wednesday, August 6, 2014


My old friend, Meghan, awarded me with the Liebster Award last week. Now, I have been awarded this lovely prize on multiple occasions and I feel bad because I haven't completely gone through with it (and I posted about it awhile ago).
But, I have many new followers and friends around these parts and I thought to myself: Why not just answer these questions?!  I am going to cheat a little bit and just tell you some random facts and answer the questions. It gives me a chance to participate (kind of) and for you all to get to know the writer behind this blog a little bit more. Because I know that's exactly what all of you wanted :)

Me with my second cousin who they call "Sisi" at our family reunion in San Diego last week. Two Sisi's in a  picture :)

First, 11 Random Facts About Me.
1. I was born with a broken collar bone. My parents didn't know it until my two week check up. So, to say that I was an upset newborn, would be an understatement. Although, in all reality, it really wouldn't change my behavior for the next 18 years of my life. Still cried a lot. Ha.
2. I HAVE to have my alone time. Don't get me wrong, I love to be around people and socialize, but I need my time everyday to myself, to recharge and have that separate time. This is usually when I write and blog.
3. I don't like pancakes. I know, I know. It's just the syrup and the soggy bread and yea…yuck.
4. I am scared of the deep ocean. I will swim in the ocean at the beach, but I am too scared to scuba dive or go in it in the middle of nowhere. I am also deathly scared of heights, which is why I won't rock climb with my husband. Haha.
5. I am a clean freak. I need things to be organized at all times. We just got back from a  2 week trip and my house is a mess and it is sort of giving me anxiety right now. Haha.
6. I still listen to Michael Jackson on a regular basis.
7. I am super sarcastic and people often times take this the wrong way.
8. I am very sensitive, even if I don't seem like it. I get my feelings hurt a lot and I take things personally when I know I shouldn't. I just feel things very deeply :)
9. Sometimes I am totally okay with hibernating inside all day.
10. But walks…oh man…walks are the BEST.
11. I just got a super nice mountain bike and I cannot wait to try it out!! Who wants to go with?!

Me with my nephew, Lincoln, last week. 

Questions from Meghan: 
1. What's your dream job? Easy. Being a teacher. I am doing it now. No, but in my wildest dreams, I dream of being a professional actress/singer.
2. Favorite Restaurant? Pizzeria 712. The most delicious pizza in the world.
3. Favorite song of the moment? Oh my gosh. This is impossible. I absolutely love music. But the first one that comes to my head that I love right now is, "All of Me" by John Legend. One of the sweetest, best written songs I've ever heard. And his voice is gold.
4. What is something small that makes you happy? Crushed ice :) no, but seriously.
5. Do you have any guilty pleasures? Ummm does the fact that I still watch Gilmore Girls every night before bed count?
6. Favorite Holiday Tradition? Acting out the nativity at Christmas time.
7. A good dinner out, or a new item for your closet? OUCH. This question is HARD. Both? :)
8. What is your favorite spot in your home? My bed. Duh.
9. What's your favorite city? Easy. Portland, Oregon. My hometown. Love the food, music, greenery, weird people. All of it.
10. Why do you blog? I love to write. And I love to have this place where I can escape, use my creative side, write, and connect with others. I love that I can document things as well.


  1. I haven't been mountain biking (or on a bicycle) in years! I'd love to go :)

  2. I'm totally the same way about alone time. I love being with people & socializing, but I definitely need 'me time' to recuperate!

  3. Love pizza! Love reading more about everyone!

  4. Ah! Pancakes! I'm really not a fan either. Every once in awhile when we're out for brunch I'll convince myself that it's what I want, especially if it's something fancy. And as soon as I get them, I regret it. I'm the same way, though not quite as bad, with waffles and french toast.

  5. I would imagine you would be quite the upset newborn. Good lord how crazy! Glad you are OK now!

  6. I think we MUST be blogging BFF's. I connected with you on so many levels! From being deathly afraid of heights and deep waters, all the way down to my (almost) daily MJ fix I blast in my car. (my son knows all the words to PYT) I love this! xxo

  7. I always go back and fourth about being a teacher! I love working with kids and would love to get a certificate in teaching so every time I see someone say how much they love it, it makes me that much more motivated to get back into school!

  8. Lovely post, thanks for sharing! I can't believe you hate pancakes though. How strange to be born with a broken collar bone!

    I guess we all need our alone time right? I love taking my time out to blog and check out new blogs!

    Katie <3

  9. I agree with you - I could hibernate inside too! Most people think I'm crazy for that!

  10. Nice to meet you! Someday I'm going to have a mountain bike, too!

  11. I love to hibernate but I also love going for walks weird huh!

  12. Oh, it was nice to get to know more in this post! I NEED alone time, as well. I am social but very antisocial too! :)

  13. Ah - SiSi! This post was so great. Thanks for playing along and reconnecting. :)

  14. If you don't like pancakes, do you like waffles? They have syrup holders.

  15. I know I've said this a million times, but we are totally the same person.

    Except the pancakes thing. That's just crazy talk.

  16. A broken collarbone? Oh my gosh! I need my alone time too, though I haven't gotten it in a long time and am in desperate need!

  17. Thanks for sharing! I always wondered what the Liebster award was. I had heard a bit about it but wasn't sure.

  18. I hope you can see John Legend in Concert. He's amazing.

  19. Congrats! Can't wait to read your posts!

  20. I love reading these Liebster Awards. I completely feel you on the alone time, too!

  21. A girl of my own heart! I am super sarcastic and I love John Legend!

  22. I love that your favorite spot at homes your bed :-)

  23. Congrats!! Popped on over from Shane's blog, new follower!

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