Sierra's View: So, We Got a Dog.

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Monday, June 9, 2014

So, We Got a Dog.

Can you believe it? 
We got our first child! Haha just kidding. 
Everybody, Meet Saylor. 

Saylor is about 12 weeks old. She is an aussie doodle (or aussiepoo but T and I refuse to call the breed of our dog with anything 'poo' in it). Her parents are a mini aussie and a toy poodle so she will only get to be about 15-18 pounds. 

T and I were pretty set on getting a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, but last week we found an adoption place with a bunch of doggies. We met Saylor and about fell in love! We had to get her. It just felt right.
(It also helped that she was SO cheap and every puppy we kept trying to find was nowhere near our budget at this point of our lives.)

Saylor had all of the characteristics of a dog that we wanted: small, but not a rat, longer hair (but doesn't shed cause it's hair not fur), no barking, has a cute/fun personality, and cute. We just moved to a teeny apartment and needed a dog that would be fine just sitting with T all day in the apartment (he works from home) but also one that will go for hikes with us--and she can do both. She is super cuddly and loveable and always wants to sit right next to you. 

Besides the fact that she peed on my shirt already today, (what can I say? She loves me and gets excited to see me!), we love her! Come over and say hi! She loves people :) 


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