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Friday, June 27, 2014


Yesterday, I showed you T Money and I's road trip home from Portland video. 
As I was thinking about what to write from our last trip to Portland, I was overloaded with numerous photos, videos, and scenes from the vacation. And the last thing that I wanted to do was post every single one of this.
So, I made a video compiling the highlights of our week in Oregon. What a more fun, enjoyable way to document this trip!

Just so you're not confused, the scenes are as follows:

-Riding the Tram that goes up to OHSU in downtown Portland.
-My nephew, Dane (2 1/2) singing. Loud.
-Dane…let me remind you, who is 2 1/2, READING A BOOK with my sister. Yes, he's a freaking genius. Little nerd ;)
-My dad (Papa) playing with Dane.
-Me and T Money cuddling and loving my brand new niece, Wembley (2 weeks old).
-Brizban (5) giving kisses to her new baby sister.
-Brizban's Nike preschool graduation. The nicest graduation I have ever been to in my entire life (a blog post on that coming later). I was dying of laughter: all of the parents taking pictures, brizzy bouncing and singing incessantly, and the whole presentation was outrageous. Good times. Brizzy loved getting all of the attention and flowers.
-Helping in the Epic Relays race. 
-My mom and I taking a detour during Epic Relays to pick berries. Nothing better than berry picking in Oregon. Sigh.
-Reminiscing the following: The Portland Temple where I was married, bonding with my best friend, driving the green freeways in Oregon, reading old journals, etc.
-A video of my dad watching a hilarious movie and dying of laughter. What a contagious laugh.

Music: Home-Ingrid Michaelson


  1. what a great montage of your trip! makes me want to make more of these. :)

  2. Aww, looks like a lovely trip! <3

  3. Great videos! You're going to have a great time looking back on these later!

  4. SO fun! I totally need to do this more often, because I have SO many pics!

  5. This is great! Love it. I've always wanted to go to Portland!

  6. Oh those kids are SO cute! Looks like such a fun time!

  7. amazing trip!! looks like the best time!


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