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Sunday, June 1, 2014


May has consisted of lots of outdoor adventures! The weather has started to consistently stay nice and HOT so I take every chance I can get to be outside and enjoy the sunshine and get some exercise. School is officially out, people. And now I have time to breathe. Hallelujah! (although, I will miss my kiddos. Always do).
Warning: Lots of photos.

Photos via instagram. Come follow! @sainge_worth

//Ingrid Michaelson Concert// 
{Salt Lake City}

The concert was absolutely amazing! She is such a fantastic performer (and so very funny!). Always a fabulous night seeing Ingrid live. I love her songs so much. 

//Mother in Law's Graduation// 
{Logan, UT}

//Road Trip to California//
 {Long Beach & Huntington Beach}
It was such a fun getaway. We were able to do so many fun things in the few days that we were there including riding bikes along the beach, go to Six Flags, enjoy time swimming and playing, and seeing nephews and family! 

//Spontaneous Memorial Day Camping// 
{American Fork Canyon}

Let me rephrase that…we set up camp and loved it the entire time until I tried to go to sleep and I was freezing and just wanted my own bed. Hey, it takes time to make this city girl into an outdoorsy one. But it sure was BEAUTIFUL.

//First Official Day of Summer//
{Pleasant Grove, UT}

-Got my first very own fishing pole and fishing license. Tanner and his family are so proud.
-Went on a hike to Battlecreek Falls. And I remembered how out of shape I am.

Other Fun Stuff! 

--hanging with friends!
--Exercising and working out.
-6th grade graduation/assemblies/end of year school activities/saying goodbye to kiddos.
--being outside and enjoying nature.

It's been a whirlwind and I sort of feel my body, mentally and physically, just shutting down. But it's okay because it's summer! Huzzah! Time to party! 


  1. Oh. My. Gosh. How did you do so much in a month?! I am so envious right now...I'm trying so hard to hide extreme jealousy!

  2. Your May was so much lovelier than mine!

  3. It looks like May was a wonderful month for you guys!


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