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Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Hello from Portland!
It's been quite the adventure here (more on that later), but I am loving the green. So many memories from growing up when I return home to Oregon.

You all are in for a serious treat today!
My dear friend Jen, from the blog: The Project Girl is doing a fabulous giveaway today.
Jen is a master in creating crafts, designs, and home organization. She is one of the most creative people I have ever met personally. She and her husband just built a beautiful home. I go over and crash it all of the time because there are so many things about it that I absolutely love. I mean, come on, look at this bathroom. It's unreal! I keep trying to convince Jen to let me and my husband live in her basement ;)

Jen has her own Etsy shop with so many cute art prints. I have one that says "Oh, Living the Dream" in a frame right by my desk. How perfect, huh?
These designs are refreshing and light. They fit perfectly into any room throughout your house--the kitchen, the bedroom, or your office. You definitely will want one of these ASAP.

This week, it is our pleasure to giveaway this particular "You Light Up My life" design to one lucky winner! 

See below to enter. Make sure to do the mandatory options first.
Good luck!
Giveaway ends in a few days, so get to it ASAP!

Click to join the giveaway

Jen is generously doing 20% off any purchase of 10$ or more on The Project Girl Etsy Shop. Valid through July 6th. Use the coupon code DREAM20 at checkout. Go check out her awesome stuff today!


  1. Ooh I met Jen last spring at a Mary Poppins party she is so awesome!

  2. These prints are so cute!!! :) And I echo what Kels said ^^

  3. These prints are gorgggg. Literally drooling over them. I've never met her, but she sounds awesome!

  4. Uhm yes I would like all of these, please & thank you.


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