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Friday, June 13, 2014

10 Types of People to Stop Following on Social Media.

Let's face it. 
We all do it.
We all follow people who we consistently ask ourselves, "Why in the world am I still following this person?!" 
Perhaps it's because of sheer entertainment, perhaps it's because they are your friend and you don't want to hurt their feelings, or perhaps it's because you are just too lazy to click "unfollow." Whether it's on instagram, twitter, or Facebook, we all follow people that we, in reality, need to stop following ASAP. I sort of went through a "binge" of my FB friends because I was sick and tired of all the stupid crap (that's the correct term for it) that I was seeing on my newsfeed. 

I started thinking of all of the different types of people who we all need to stop following on social media as I was perusing around my social media sites.

Now, I want to make a statement: I am obsessed with social media. I am the first one to admit this. I am on it all of the time and I post a lot (hence this blog!). So I know that I can be guilty of a couple of these on particular days when I don't want to do anything except be on the computer (oh don't pretend like I'm the only one). Just a forewarning, so you all know that I'm not a complete hypocrite.

Okay, moving on. 

1. That Person Who Always Spells Things Wrong. 

Here is a status I saw the other day: 

"Seriously? My dog just went threw the back window and broke his leg. He's so dumb."

Hmmmmm…. Yea….. 

2. That Person Who's Posts 50 Pictures a Day of Their Incredibly Unfortunate Looking Child.  

Okay, I definitely need to explain this one. I am already guilty of posting like 50 pictures of my dog. And, I actually really like looking at pictures of my friends babies. I get it. I totally do. I will probably post looooots of pictures of my children. But it's the type of person who is posting numerous amounts of pictures of their unfortunate looking child with the caption that reads: Isn't my child the cutest thing in the world? 
Uh, No. Honey. He's not. Sorry. 
It's almost as if they want validation that their child is cute, when, well, er, they're not. 

Let's hope my child isn't ugly, eh? :) 

3. The Person Who Is Constantly Looking For Validation. 
Like what do they want me to post? "OMG You are like soooo wonderful and beautiful and skinny and have perfect skin and have such cute clothes and are so smart and the right man will find you I promise, girlfriend."
Come on, girl. 

4. The Person Who Just Wants to Argue. 
Seriously? I really don't care if you believe that dogs with three legs should be saved in Camaroon. But thanks.  

5. The Person Who Only Stalks. 
You know that person who never comments or posts, they just look at every single one of your pictures and then sees you in real life and they're like "Oh my gosh! I know every?thing about you!" And you're like, "I didn't even know we were FB friends?" My mom does this. YEA MOM. I'M CALLING YOU OUT. 

6. The Person Who Posts Videos Every Single Day. 
I am all about hilarious videos. But do you really need to post a video of the dog jumping on it's hind legs with the caption: This is the funniest video I've ever seen? No. Everything is good in moderation, bud.

7. The Person Who Thinks They Know It All. 
Cool info. I can look stuff up on the Internet too.

8. The Person Who Is Obsessed With Their Religion.
We all know that person. The person who only posts about religion and nothing else. I mean, I think it's great that you're sharing your testimony, but don't you have things going on outside of the church? No?

9. The Person Who Only Posts Negativity.

Whether it's a negative comment on one of your pictures, or a status that's just always negative. It is incredibly tiring. Please, just be nice and post something positive every once in awhile.

10. The Person Who Only Posts Party Pictures and They Are 29 Years Old.
Okay, I get it. You're 29 and a hot Bachelor. Good for you. You get to go to the bars and get wasted on hit on girls all night? Wow, you are so cool. I bet you are doing so many good things in your life. Oh you're 28 year old single chick who dresses like a stripper? I bet the guys love your personality.

Do you have any others you would add? 

Oh, also, I really hope I'm not one of those people you want to stop following on social media. Eeeeek. 


  1. hahaha this is fantastic, is it bad a specific person popped in my head after reading each one of these.

  2. Haha this is so good. I would also add "people who post crappy pictures 50 times a day" The ones where you're like "Did anyone ever teach you how go use a camera??" I know a few people who are like "this is my dog playing frisbee!!!" and it's super blurry and you can't see a dog or a frisbee.

    Oh and with the kids thing- when people post pictures of their kids covered in food or poop?? Just... WHY???

  3. Oh, this is so accurate!!! lol

  4. ha ha! Great list! I have one to add, the person who has been married for years but still posts nothing but wedding photos. Drives me nuts!

  5. Ha, I know that feeling all too well, where you're like "wait, who is this even?!". I went to an international highschool abroad, so every now and then, someone will pop up in my newsfeed where, even after going through the photos, I can't for the life of me remember who they are. Unfriend!
    I always have to laugh, because I used to be soooo proud of having 700 FB friends, and now as I'm nearing 400 through the elimination process, I catch myself thinking "wow, that is still a lot". How times change!
    Thanks for the giggle! xx

  6. lets not forget the health nuts that post pictures of skinny wraps all day every day. ahhh!!!

  7. Not one of these are me and I am proud of that!!!! ;) although, I'll be posting a LOT of pics of my kiddos and I hope they aren't ugly (it's ok if they are you tell me, I seriously won't mind, I'll agree with you if they are)
    Okay I'll admit that there is this girl from HS I am friends with but don't follow because she's shares annoying posts daily but from time to time I look at her page to laugh at her ignorance. I know, I am a bad person.

  8. Thanks for the laugh! #1...serious pet peeve. I would add the person that only 'talks' to you because they need something for a game they're playing or a 'share with your friend' giveaway...

  9. I've had friends in my life who posted nothing but negative stuff on social media and were all around negative people. Gave them the boot!

  10. Hahahaha YES!!! Especially the first two. But really, every one of these. Sometimes I feel like unfollowing people is my special talent in life.

  11. These are hilarious! I had several people come to mind on most all of these, which is pretty bad if you think about it.


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