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Monday, May 12, 2014

Pre-Teens, Kleenex Style, Allergies--Oh, My!

Well, young lassies, allergy season is among us. 
And yes, I think it might have hit me too. But then again it could just be a cold. Or stress. But, whatever, you get the point.
I have a bunch of little munchkins, (er, hormonal teenagers) running (I wish I could say that they're not running right now, but the end of the school year? Yikes. Yes. Running. In my classroom. At least running my wild. get it? Not funny?) who sometimes forget to use hygiene on a daily basis (I know, right?). And let me tell you, My Kleenex boxes in my classroom have been a huuuuuge lifesaver during this year, especially during allergy season! 

These cute Kleenex boxes are perfect for my classroom! I can add a little bit of fun with them. See them here

T money seems to go through tissues like nobody's business as well (TMI?) so these adorable Kleenex Boxes are a cute way to spruce up our little apartment while still helping both our poor little noses out. I love all of the classic designs that they use to make them blend in with all of the decor and not make them look like we just stepped into a room full of a million tissues by our bed. 

I am loving all of Kleenex's new designs here. They bring so much happiness and style to our lives! You know what else is awesome? The new Kleenex boxes are found at any major retailer where Kleenex are sold.  Make sure to click here to check out the designs and find the perfect Kleenex Style for you before you hit the stores!  There's even a style finder quiz to find out which box would fit your personality? Quizzing and personalities? You know I am all about that. (Plus, you get a free coupon! Boo ya!) 

These beautiful, helpful Kleenex boxes are found at many major retailers where Kleenex are sold. Go check them out today before you head to the store!

This post is sponsored by Kleenex, but my love for their Style Studio is all my own!

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