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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

//Wanderlust//: 10 Amazing Places to Travel.

It has come.
Spring Fever, if you will. 
Next week is my Spring Break and words can't explain how excited I am to get away. 
The upcoming knowledge that Spring is coming, that it (maybe) will begin to be nice and warm,  has only increased my urge to travel. I love to travel.  Whether it's just a two hour drive from my home in Northern/Southern Utah or a 12 hour drive to the Northwest or two day plane trip to Africa, I have been so lucky to travel to many places throughout this world. I am so grateful to have had these amazing experiences. Now that I am a newly married woman, my husband is in school and I have a teaching salary, the opportunity to travel is a lot smaller. Which, makes my heart sad. I  yearn for adventure. If I were to win the lottery, I would drop everything and travel the world. In a second. Some people would buy nice homes or a nice car or nice clothes. I would travel to the most obscure, amazing, beautiful places and live with people in their homes to experience real life in their world. 
So, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite vacations and travels that I have done in the past 7 years of my life. Some of them are fairly close, some are far, but all are beautiful places with wonderful memories.
note: these are not the only places I have ever been. I just chose my top 10. 

1// San Diego, CA. 
San Diego reminds me a lot of a sunny Portland. People are, for the most part, very nice, active and chill. The weather is perfect and it is the beach! What more could you ask for? If I had it my way, I would live in SD forever. 
Coronado Island. 
La Jolla Cove. 

2// Fiji 
Bula! Oh man. I went to Fiji with my cousins for a high school graduation from my grandparents. I literally have not been in a more beautiful place in my life. Every picture I took look absolutely fake. The weather was warm, the food was delicious. Our favorite part was playing the guitar/ukleles, singing and dancing the night away with the locals.

3// Maui, Hawaii.  
My family loves Hawaii. There is something so chill and "lazy" about Hawaii. It makes you want to sit on the beach, sit back and relax, and read a book. My parents go to Hawaii once or twice a year for a month and I am so jealous! I have had the opportunity to go to Hawaii a few times and I fall in love every single time. And those sunsets, my goodness! Stunning. 

4// Puerto Rico. 
My brother served his LDS mission in Puerto Rico so we went back to visit a few months after he came home. Oh, wow.  I fell in love with the food, people, and landscape of this place.

Downtown Puerto Rico. 

5// San Francisco, CA. 
Do I even need to explain this place? I love it so much. The last time I went was with a huge group of college friends, which, ironically, resorted in an incredibly dramatic, emotional trip. I would like to go back! I loved riding the buses, the bridge, Alcatraz, the pier, 

6// Kenya, Africa. 
Sometimes when I think about my experience in Kenya, I still get teary eyed. And I went more than 2 years ago. This place has been the most life altering trip (NO NOT A VACATION) that I have ever experienced. I long to go back so bad. If anyone wants to sponsor my trip to help teach those kiddos again, feel free too. :) I lived in the village in Kenya for months. I taught students of all ages. I saw their lives. I lived, laughed, and loved with these people. And I completely fell in love. Take me back. 

7// New York, New York. 
Oh, New York. I love wide open spaces, but there is something magical about being in the city. It was exhausting, but I secretly loved people watching and meeting all different kinds of people. I love the adventure feeling that exists in a big city. NY is one of those places you have to go at least once in your life. 

8// Oregon!!
I'm a little biased, but Oregon in the summer is one of the most beautiful locations ever. 
The Oregon Coast, Crescent Lake, and Portland, Oregon are three of the most stunning locations in the world, in my opinion. 
You just need to go. But don't forget a jacket :) 

Oregon Coast.

Crescent Lake, Oregon. 
This was at my wedding in Portland, oregon. This is my backyard. Can you believe it? So perfect. Aw, the green. 

9//Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. 
It's Mexico, what else do I need to say? Just stay away from the scary cartels. Hahaha. 

10// Utah. 
I took this photo in Heber City, Utah where all of my in laws live, but it looks to real similar to Alpine, where my husband and I live. Although I wish Utah was more green, the mountains are absolutely stunning. I love when they have snow on them with blue skies. So pretty.

So. If anyone wants to join me on my travels, let me know. I'm out of school in May and I am so ready to travel :) 
Have you ever been to any of these places?
What did you think? 
What are some other places I need to go? 

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  1. oh I love all of this! I especially love downtown PR!


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