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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Coma.

I am in an Easter Coma.
And no, not because of candy. I actually ate very little candy this Easter holiday (aren't you proud?). I would much rather have a cold soda than a candy bar anyway. Is that weird? I'm weird. Whatever. 
I am in an Easter Coma because it was a weekend full of special moments and socializing.
Which is awesome. But, I'm an introvert. So, alas, it exhausts me.
I am so grateful for this holiday, though. 
It was the one year anniversary of T proposing to me so we went fishing and reminisced, I made little Easter treats for my kiddos, celebrated my first Easter with a husband, and saw many family members. 

I  love Easter because it reminds me of the blessings I can gain from the Lord's sacrifice. Because He rose from the dead, I can rise as well. In all facets. Now, everyday. Every week. And in the next life. 
I also love Easter because of the fun colors and the feeling of a "new start" and the coming of Spring. 

Here is a wrap up of my Easter Weekend, Instagram style. 

Easter Candy bags for my students. 

Drive home on the open road during sunset time. The best. 

Deer Creek <3 td="">

I got Tanner a puppy and coke for his Easter basket. Really, all he wants in life, ya know? 

Fishing at Deer Creek--where T proposed a year ago. 

Love this picture of T proposing to me! 
Whenever we are in Heber, we HAVE to go to Dairy Keen. So good. 

Happy Easter from our cute little Charlesworth Family! 

aaaaaaand Happy Easter from the REAL Charlesworth family. Haha. 

And, here's a music video that my old choir sang and made with Alex Boye (oh, the memories!). May it all remind us of the beauty of "rising again" and "starting new". You will see little snippets of me (at about 3:15). Look closely. :) 


  1. You are such a good wife. Tim and I didn't get each other anything. We did each get one piece of easter candy from the clearance aisle yesterday though hahaha

  2. You are the best teacher ever. So cute! It didn't even enter my head to make them Easter treats haha

  3. That is too cute I bet your students loved it!!!


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