Sierra's View: Top 5 Reasons Why I'm Happy This Season of the Bachelor is OVER.

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Top 5 Reasons Why I'm Happy This Season of the Bachelor is OVER.

After the build up of the following events: 
Reading Abbey's post on her reasons for why Juan Pablo is the worst bachelor ever last week. 
The numerous hours of watching this past season of the Bachelor and tweeting incessantly over my hatred for the season and Juan Pablo. 
And after last night's finale…

I have come to the conclusion that I could not be any happier that this season of The Bachelor is over. I honestly do not know why I continued to watch this season. I couldn't stand JP from Episode 2. But, alas, I am obsessed with this show so I continued watching. 

And here are 5, yes only 5 (I could go on forever) of the reasons why I am so incredibly elated for this season to be over. 

1. I don't have to hear Juan Pablo's annoying accent. 

What is his accent, even? It's like a mixture of Italian, Venezulan, English and what I like to call "douche bag." 
I am so happy I never have to see him try to talk his way out of every situation and question. Which, oddly enough, he sucked at initially, because he doesn't know how to say his English words in the first place. Every time he came on the screen, I wanted to just fast forward. I can not take his voice and accent at all. No more "Ay yi yi" or "assssept" or "eeees okay." 

2. I don't have to see Clare's fake face any longer. 

Or her entire face that has had so much work done.
Okay, okay, I will give the girl props for sticking up for herself at the end. I applaud her for finally realizing that JP is an idiot. But, I still cannot handle her. Even in her interview with Chris Harrison in the after final rose, she tried to portray this "I'm okay" facade. When, we all know, by the fact that she didn't even want to see JP or talk to him, that she wasn't fully over it; that. She tries to portray herself  It bugs me that she always put on a "fake face"….even when she was genuinely hurt. Plus, she's still annoying. The only time she was real was when she was chewing out JP at the end. And that was partly because she was embarrassed. 

3. I don't have to see Juan Pablo incessantly touching the girls and sticking his tongue down their throats. 

Homeboy is the most disgusting kisser in the world.
That's all. 
The whole season I kept saying, "Seriously? Just don't touch her for like 2 minutes. Just see if you can do it." 

4. I don't have to listen to the most shallow, self-absorbed behavior on the planet. 

I honestly believe he only came on the show to promote himself and his money.
The first, and a lot of times, the ONLY thing he talked about with the women were their looks. Time after time. How many women left because of his derogatory, unromantic, self-absorbed and sexual comments that he made? 

5. His douche bag-ness. 

Just…all of it.
His voice.
His lack of sincerity.
His shallow behavior.
His lack of seriousness and commitment. 
His chauvinistic, condescending behavior. 
His disgusting PDA. 
His manipulation. (Side note: We all know him and Nikki are in the most unhealthy relationship in the world. Holy crap. He has brainwashed that woman.) 
His inability to answer a question.  (Seriously…he couldn't just answer a question to save his life. And every time, he would bring it back to him being a "good guy"--in every circumstance). 
And we can't forget the fact that he was completely unable to have a serious conversation. And I don't think the language barrier was the problem. 

Okay, is it time for Andi yet? 


  1. I totally agree. This season was the WORST! What a waste of a season and of a bunch of girls' time.

  2. The whole season was a disaster!


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