Sierra's View: POFW //Week 8//: Wide Open Spaces.

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Saturday, March 8, 2014

POFW //Week 8//: Wide Open Spaces.

POFW stands for Photo of the Week…fyi. 
Tanner's extended family all lives in Oakley, Utah. Oakley is a small country town about 10 minutes east of Park City. It is actually where a lot of celebrities live! His family has about 100 acres and it is absolute stunning. When T and I were dating, he would continuously tell me about his love for the farm. And since we have been married, I can now see why. The air is so fresh and clean; the scene is beautiful. And a beautiful spring, sunny day like today, it feels like summer up there! We spend more time up there in the summer--we have already been up there twice this week. So this is definitely a big part of our week. I mean, look at this photo, from my phone. Pretty awesome. 

photo via instagram

Other Photos of the Week. 

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