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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Link Up: It's Marriage Goal Time!

Tanner and I both possess Quality Time as one of our highest Love Languages.
Tanner used to work retail almost every night and I worked during the day so we hardly ever saw each other. This was a huge trial in the first few months as a married couple because in the beginning I thought because we were married, we would see each other more (I felt like I saw him more when we were dating those first few months!). It was really hard on both of us, especially me. I didn't realize how much I loved spending time with him until I never saw him!
Luckily, he has a new job now and I get to see my husband all of the time. I honestly can't even explain to you how much this has helped our marriage and my mood. I think I forgot how awesome he was there for a bit! Haha. We are both such individual people and we make sure that we spend time hanging out with people other than each other (that's something really important to both of us!), but a lot of times I forget that he really is my best friend. And no one knows me like he does. And I love spending time with him. Truly. 

With that being said, because both of us work so hard, often times when we spend time together, it means a whole lot of laziness. 
T and I love watching shows and movies together. Which, in my opinion, is awesome. 
But, when I was talking to T about this post for our "marriage goal" for March, he came up with something that we need to work on.
And it is:
To spend our time together in a more productive way. 

Now, this is not to say that we won't watch our netflix show together in the evening and just hanging out sometimes. Because I love doing that with him. But, what we want try to do better is to "broaden our horizons" if you will. To spend our leisure time together being a bit more productive. For example, do things like:

-Go for walks when the weather is nice.
-Budget/organize our bills. 
-Clean our home together. 
-Go to the temple.
-Pray, read scriptures together more often. 
-Car rides.
-Go to a cafe and just talk for hours. 
-Exercise together
-Be outside--do something fun! 
-etc. etc.

You get the point. 

We want to make sure to be productive, but still have a lot of fun together. We have gotten a lot better at this. When the weather is nice, it makes it a lot easier! But it is definitely something that we will work on this month. 

Because, let's be honest, we are fun people ;) 

What are your goals as a couple this month? I'm interested to know!!! Link up below! 

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  1. Spending quality time together is so important! That is both mine and the husband's number one love language as well! But it is just so easy to cuddle on the couch and watch Netflix all the time during the winter. Especially this awful winter! I just don't want to do anything else.

  2. I like this goal... because well, mine is the same ;) hahaha :)


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