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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

I Want to Talk About the Oscars {Version 3.0}

I Want to Talk About the Oscars {Version 2.0}
I Want to Talk About the Oscars {Original Version}
Sidenote: This kind of shows how long I have been blogging for. Kind of interesting, eh? On that note, I wasn't even aware that there was some sort of blogging world and that you could make money off of a blog until like…a year ago. Dur Dur Dur. 

Well, it happened.
I watched the Oscars. And did about 90 million tweets. No, really. I think I lost followers because of that night. Its whatevs.
And, well, as the title blatantly explains, I want to have a little one sided conversation with you about them in a brief overview; bulleted list style. Because lists are my FAVORITE. (OCD anyone?)

FIRST, naturally, lets talk fashion. Because I am a fashionista (obviously) and I think it's important that the rest of the world knows my opinion on celebrity's fashion. Also because I know Sandra Bullock is going to show up at my door and thank me for complimenting her dress and her complete awesomeness and we will be best friends and we will giggle like 6th graders.

Favorite Dresses:

You KNOW I am a sucker for lace. And Julia Roberts. So beautiful. 

See? She's perfect.

Bette Midler sounded awesome, looked like a total babe (what the skinny!). I don't know if I necessarily love that dress on HER, but I just love the dress in general. Mostly because I know I could never pull it off.

No caption necessary. 

Minus the fact that she has zero boobs, I love the elegance of this. And the color. 

Dress FAILS:
Two words: Lady Gaga. Why is she even there? Hey, at least it's better than normal. 

I am just not feeling it. Not really sure why. 


Favorite MOMENTS: 
*I honestly loved most of the dresses this year. Seriously, there were very few that I was said the words, "ew" too. Which, if you know me, this is a huge advance. Again, I am a fashionista, so my taste is all that matters. So, yea.
*Ellen. Just all of it. Her jokes. Her presence. Her PERFECTNESS.
*pizza. Yea. Ellen ordered pizza and the stars ate it. Most importantly is the fact that MERYL STREEP TOOK TWO. She's amazing.
*A lot of selflies. And the best celebrity selfie everrrr.
*Jared Leto's eyes.
*Pink ROCKING Over the Rainbow, despite the oddness. And her sparkly, red fun dress!
*Matthew Mcconaughey's acceptance speech. Are you kidding? It almost gave me chills. Good for him! Still so sad Leo hasn't won, but I loved hottie mchottie (that's matthew ps) speech. Maybe it's that little smirk he always makes and his voice and his accent and how he says things and his perfectness. K I'll stop now. (perfectness excludes his orange-ness.)
*Meryl Streep. The entire time.
*Lupita's acceptance speech for best supporting actress. And her humbleness. Yes, please.
*Seeing Brad Pitt clean shaven again. Yummm.
*Seeing Zac Efron on stage and reminding me how hot he is. (see below though)
*Continuously saying "she's soooooo beautiful" to the following women: Sandra Bullock, Penelope Cruz, Charlize Theron, Kate Hudson, Emma Watson,
*Continuously saying, "he's sooooooo good looking" to the following men: Joseph Gordon Levitt, Brad Pitt, Chris Hemsworth, Zac Efron, Channing Tatum.
Sidenote: I love my husband and he's the hottest. 
*Ellen calling out that the actors have all only been to 6 years of college total. hahaha.

Least Favorite Moments:
*Leo not winning.
*Cate Blanchett winning for Best Actress and giving the most boooooring speech ever.
*Whoopi Goldberg's dress
*Idina Menzel not singing "Let It Go" very well. At all. (Am I the only one who doesn't love that song in the first place?)
*Gravity winning everything. Seriously--was the movie really THAT good? I haven't seen it. I'm genuinely asking! It got old reeeeal quick. 
*Seeing Zac Efron eff up his lines. Come on, boy! You just got out of rehab---let's not ruin this.
*Pharrell's Smokey the Bear Hat.

Most importantly, though.
Is this. 

I literally have watched this 50 times in the past few days.
Tanner had to yell at me because my laugh was getting too "wheezy."

What were your least favorite parts of the Oscars?
Do you watch them?
What was your favorite dress? Your least favorite? 

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  1. I mostly agree with you, which is SUCH a compliment to you, because I am generally very finicky about these things. ;) My favorite moment, hands down, was when Lupita won.. let's be honest, does anyone care that she has quote "zero boobs"?! Yeah, I don't think so - SHE IS SO AMAZING!
    I'll let everyone have McConaughey even though I totally don't get it, but I'm mostly so zen about it because I cannot stop laughing about the fact that Leo didn't win AGAIN. Priceless.

    Totally agree 100% with all your least favorite moments, but would like to add that Cate Blanchett considering her speech "feminist", but then praising Woody Allen, a child molester & marrier.. that doesn't really jell, does it? Oh, and Gravity was actually pretty dang stunning - it really deserved all those awards, which were basically all the technical ones.

    I'm off to watch this clip another million times! :D
    xx Johanna


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