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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Why We Work.

Happy Valentine's Day!!
I posted last night about Tanner and I's special moments for Valentine's Day. I love those memories so much. I love my husband, ya know? On this special day, I wanted to link up with Bon Bon and all of you others to post about why my husband and I work well together. Come join the party.

There are a lot of reasons why T Money and I work. Let's begin, shall we?

1. He does random things. All of the time. And I enjoy random. All of the time. Randomness=happiness. He does things like: sending me a banana while he was on his mission just to see if it would actually make it. When the postman knocked on my college apartment door with the most puzzled look on his face…my roommate and I could not contain ourselves. It's the little, romantic things he does, ya know?

2. He has brought out the "country" in me. I was raised in the rich suburbs. I wouldn't call me a "city girl" because well, I rarely wear make up, and would basically not wear clothes ever if I had the choice, but I am definitely more city than he is. I have always loved rodeos, cowboys, wide open spaces, and he has reminded me of this love. Plus, he teaches me how to do fun things like fish and ride horses and be outdoorsy. Something that I am slowly, but surely learning to love.

3. He's tall. I never thought I was tall. But as I look at pictures of my friends and myself, I realize that I am always one of the taller ones. I always said I was going to marry someone who was at last 6 ft. I got 6'3''. Even betta. 

4. He deals with my double jointed elbows. Loves them? No way. Deals with them? Yes. Honestly, that's all a special girl like me can ask for. I am still scarred from raising my hand in 3rd grade and the kid sitting across from me goes, "Ewwwww what is wrong with your arm?" I have learned to embrace them, peeps. So does the husband. Again, it's the little things. 
Sidenote: This goes with me shaving my legs. He still loves me even when I don't shave my legs. Like…we are talking weeks.  If that's not true love, then I don't know what is. 

5. Sometimes when we are both just looking at each other in silence, I can feel his love. And I hope that he can feel mine. I can tell just by looking at him what he is thinking. Just like this photo…when he came off the plane from his mission and I was already lecturing him, or being emotional, or crying, or all three and he still loved me. 

6. We make each other laugh. A lot. Mostly more AT each other than WITH each other. But we laugh. And that, my friends, is huuuuuuuuge. 

7. We're just fuh-reaking hot together, ya know? 
Do I sound conceited yet?
(It's only cause I actually did my hair and makeup and am in a wedding dress. His handsome face helps--and the fact that he's doing the forehead kiss….sigh…makes my heart melt). 

There are also many, many other reasons why we work, but these are the most important. 
(Ha. kidding). 
Happy Valentine's Day! Hope you all stop and take a moment to remember why you and your love work like magic. And if not, create some magic (yea…that was supposed to be dirty. heh)

Love day. Go celebrate.
 over and out. 


  1. My arms do the same thing!!! I'm so self-conscious of it. This is a cute post too, but I just needed to share we have the same challenge ha ha.

  2. You guys are too adorable. Congrats on finding your soul mate (and a tall, handsome one!). Never take each other for granted...

  3. Bahahahaha, I love that he mailed you a banana that is awesome!!!

  4. Randomness & Making each other laugh nothing is better :)

  5. This is so sweet!! What a wonderful wonderful man!! You too are beautiful together! Happy Valentine's Day!!

  6. You look gorgeous in your wedding photo! You guys are so sweet together!

  7. Oh my gosh. Did he write with ink on the banana and it stayed?! Amazing!

  8. This is precious! I love sharing other people's joy. I hope your Valentine's Day was grand! <3



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