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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Special Moments on the Day of Love.

Happy Early Valentine's Day, my fellow bloggers!
I am posting now because tomorrow is going to be a craaaazy day. Read yesterday's post to understand why. 

Whether you are single, dating, engaged, or married, I hope you have a  wonderful day celebrating those that you love. I have always been so apathetic towards Valentine's Day. I never loved it or hated it, I just let it exist. Ha. And to be quite honest, I still kind of feel that way. Tanner and I don't have much money and I have a huge teacher test on the 15th (Praxis grrrr) so we will be just doing something simple: going out to dinner and having a nice night in. Which, honestly, is what we prefer a lot of times. (Especially after a whirlwind of a day tomorrow--6th grade dance…gonna wear me out.) 

However, for this day, I wanted to do something for Tanner that showed all of the moments that we have spent together as a couple. It has been almost four years since we met and I love seeing how much we have grown even in the small amount of time. I made this video of most of our moments together--a collection of our dating lives, engagement pictures, bridals, wedding pictures and other fun times. I love to use my creativity in things like writing, music and pictures, so making a video was so fun for me!! 

Now, a note specifically to Tanner:
(cheese ball alert! Read on if you love sappy crap. Ha)
I am sort of hesitant and weary to even tell you how much I love you on this special day, because, quite honestly, you show your love to me on many, many other days of the year in more ways that I can count. Sometimes, I feel like you show your love better than I do in many ways. In fact, almost every day. Since our very first date, as you will see below, I have been attracted to something about you (yes, even more then your high cheekbones and hot bod). You had a smile that was 90 miles long and it made me want to reiterate that smile. Since we met, almost 4 years ago, I have seen how much you have grown. And yet, through that growth, I have loved you more and more. Thank you for all of these wonderful memories. I can't wait to spend many more with you. I love you so much babe. More than 1 million pieces of crushed ice :) Enjoy the video :) 

Also, friends! Awesome news! I have been voted for the Best of Blog Award for "Most Beautiful Blog". Please take a moment and vote for my blog under this category. I am so flattered. Click button below to vote!
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  1. ok, can I just say that you are GORGEOUS!!!

  2. Love watching this darling video of you lovebirds.

  3. Oh my have no idea how much I love this! Holy adorable! You are beautiful, and watching your video just pretty much made my day. -Tessa


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