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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Reminisce: College Edition

You demanded. I responded.
I had people texting me about my Reminisce: High School Edition post , and they were dying from the memories. It was only fair that I did a college one, right?
Hold on to your seats, people.

As I was gazing over my College pictures, I realized something… It was pretty much exactly the same as my high school one.

All of the following happened:

weird faces,
a lot of dressing up,
a lot of parties,
a lot of dances.
a lot of group photos and memories.
a lot of traveling (Africa, Fiji, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii anyone?)
…and a lot of two or three of these involved together.

And a lot of really, really fun times.

So grateful for these memories, experiences, and the people that were involved in this phase of my life. You know who you are. Because of you, I am who I am.

 Awesome. So, yea, I wish I could say that this post is going to be significantly different, but, unfortunately (or fortunately) it won't be. See, I told you, I haven't changed. Hahaha.

So, uh….just, yea…enjoy the many faces and experiences of college Sierra.

Warning: Lots of Photos. like…lots

And that's all, folks. I'm tellin' ya…a lot of good faces. 


  1. I LOVE ALL OF THIS!! Also, I've been slacking at checking everyone's blogs and just realized how fantastically wonderful your site looks! (sorry it's probably been up for a long time...) It's so cute! I'm finally reading all these so be prepared for a million weird comments....

  2. You are ADORABLE!! And regarding your high school post, you have all rights to boast about your hair. ITS GORGEOUS! (like yourself!) You seem so fun I bet your students ADORE you as their teacher. You'd be a blast. Love ya girlly :)

  3. We actually really look quite similar, which simply just adds to the obsession ;)

  4. Wish you would smile a little more!!! J/K.

  5. Thanks, I really enjoyed them :))

  6. Look at all of your wonderful memories! I have a lot of similar photos from my early uni days. I really like your polka dot dress too!



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