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Monday, February 24, 2014

It's the Little Things.

New Realization: 

I need to live somewhere warm and where the sun shines a lot.

This week, in Utah, it has started to warm up a bit, giving us a "tease" of Springtime air. 50 degrees, sun shining, etc. (Isn't it funny that this weather is considered warm? My sister in San Diego would be bundled up in a sweatpants and gloves here! Ha)  I know that this is a tease because this silly state does it all of the time. It is nice, beautiful weather for a little bit, then a huge snowstorm always hits in March, and of times, another one in April. And I have noticed that since this nice weather has "come about", I have been a lot happier. I have more energy. I want to go outside and bask in the sun. I want to go for walks and hikes and bike reads and read in the sun!
And let me tell you…A Happy, Springy (pun intended) Sierra is much better than a sad, wintery Sierra. Ha.
So I have decided that Spring should just come early here…and stay.

Another thing that I like about nice, warmer weather is the fact that I like the way that I think. I feel more alive, more free, more fun! I start noticing the little things that make me happy in my life. I have made a concerted effort in the past month of my life to look at the things I do have, instead of dwelling on the things that I wish I had. It's the little things that have made me more content recently. And I am grateful that I have the capacity to see them, even when life seems a bit dreary and dark internally.
(Let me remind you that I am not perfect at this. I am still working on this. But, I am not pessimistic and sarcastic and cynical all of the time, so that's a start, right? Ha!)

It's the little things that make me happy. Like...

*When this hunk gets up after we are both in bed to turn off the lights, turn on my piano music and lock the doors, just because he knows how much I hate getting up once I am comfortable. 

*When we go on hikes up the mountains and he slows down just because he knows I get frustrated that his legs are 50 times longer than mine. 

*Flowers. I have seen some sloooowly starting to sprout and it makes me so happy. Flowers. yes. 

*Speaking of flowers….when one of my boy students came in with a bouquet of flowers the other day. I almost lost it. It was the sweetest thing in the world. Especially cause I could tell he was so embarrassed, but he remembered when I told the class how much I love flowers. Would you die? They aren't as bad as they seem sometimes ;)

photo via instagram

*Basketball. Lots of basketball. T and I have been going to a lot of BYU games (we are avid BYU basketball fans over here). One of my favorite thing sin the world is getting out all of my anger, energy and excitement out on those refs at the basketball games. I'm pretty sure T is embarrassed of me at these games. But I love. Basketball just makes me happy

*Phone calls with my long last friends in Piper (yes, that's my car name. So perfect for my Subaru Outback! Love the bluetooth). I have been driving a lot recently and have noticed that talking with my dear friends and siblings who live far away makes the time go by so much faster. And it reminds me how much I love them! I am so grateful for my loved ones, even if I don't see them often.  
Sidenote: Yes, I am obsessed with my car. 

*You guys ready for this one?
Hahaha. Yes. Twitter. I love it. I love that people are so much more brutally honest on here. It's inappropriate and funny and ridiculous. Everything that makes me happy. 

I don't really know what else to say. 
So I guess I'll stop there.
Yay for the little things? 

Oh, also, THIS is how I feel. 

PS! Come win free glasses! Giveaway ends this week! 


  1. I absolutely love sixth graders, for reasons just like this! They are so thoughtful!

  2. Okay ya'll are such a cute couple I can't handle. And that little student of yours is a stud and that's so cute he brought you flowers, I'd totally cry.
    Can I tell you how jealous I am of your car? Well I am very jealous. Glad you enjoy your lovely car AND Bluetooth that's installed in it! ;)

  3. I'm so with you on the weather. I'm such a grump in the winter!

  4. I seriously don't know what I would do without Twitter. I love how connected it makes me to my friends! P.S. you need to move to Houston ;)


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