Sierra's View: //A Photo a Week// {Week 5}: Love in 6th Grade.

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

//A Photo a Week// {Week 5}: Love in 6th Grade.

I missed last week. Just love me.

Valentine's Day is in full motion at elementary school, people. Whether you like Valentine's Day or not, my 6th graders' hormones are raging, so as a teacher, you better learn to love it. Embrace it, more like it. I actually love giving my students' their valentine's gift. This is the second year in a row that I have made this "Valentine's Love Potion" for my students and I love seeing their faces when it's on their desks in the morning. They all go, "ooooooh greeeeeaaaattttt, Mrs. C." and roll their eyes. Yet, they love it. Little divas.

Not only have my kids been on crack this week for the holiday, but also because for Valentine's day, we throw a 6th grade dance in the afternoon. For the past month or so, for PE (yes, we teach our own students PE, we don't have a PE teacher…Don't get me started), we have taught them about 6-10 different dances. They have learned how to dance with each other and different line dances (waltz, electric slide, two step, slow modern, etc.). It is HILARIOUS to watch them. I love torturing these hormone-ridden pre teens :) This dance has been the talk of my students since September and now it is finally here. Great. My students will be so focused the next few days. This holiday has pretty much overtaken my life. So I thought I'd share

I will post more on the dance next week. Get ready for some craaaazy good times. Hahaha. I'm making Tanner come and show them up. He was on Ballroom so he will pretty much dominate. And I will have to really learn. Hahaha.

photo on instagram too.

How to make this love potion (it's really complicated)….

1. Go to the store and buy pink/red Kool Aid. (Literally got 6 of them for a dollar at Walmart. Big spender over here. Two words: Teacher Salary).
2. Make a cute printable on word (because I am too lazy to make it on Photoshop or do fancy crap like the rest of you) that says, "love Potion" with an arrow and cute designs.
3. Print. Cut out. Put around bottles.
4. Succeed.

I am putting this on Pinterest because it is ACTUALLY something I could and would do….unlike these other things that take 5 hours. Who has time for these things? Seriously?
I am getting so crafty these days. Look out Martha Stewart.

Sidenote: I am by no means encouraging love in 6th grade. In fact, it would make my life a lot easier if they still believed each other had cooties. A little too much flirting has been going on in the classroom. Like, seriously? Do you need to hit her? Are you still 5? Ugh. 

Other Photos of the Week: 

If I were a smart blogger, I would do a link up for these photo a week posts. Should I do this? Is anyone interested? Is there a free site to do link ups that I can include. Help a girl out. :) 


  1. Yup, use inlinkz! :) Email me if you have questions!
    Love this idea, might totally copy it for my students!!

  2. These are cute! I can't wait to hear about the dance! My 6th grade dance was traumatic... but that's another story :P inLinkz is my favorite for link-ups!

  3. adorable! and so easy. great idea!

  4. Your love potions are adorable!! Also, even though theyre rolling their eyes today, they will be remembering what an amazing teacher you were for doing such a lovely thing for them. <3


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