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Thursday, January 30, 2014

This is a Post About Dolphins.

Sorry to disappoint everyone, but this is not Sierra. It's her husband Tanner and I have something to say!

Okay people, look!
              I am not the tree-hugging, or activist type of person. I do, however, have strong opinions about a lot of things in this world. I have just found, in the past, to be easier to keep them to myself or only express them to people in a conversation. I do not attempt to be in anyones face or tell them how they should feel or see things via the internet. Recently, though, however I have been fighting an urge to share this with people and I just can't keep it in anymore.
  Something is happening in the world that I don't feel is okay. There are practices that occur in certain parts of the world that are down right barbaric and a disgrace to the nature of man.

Dolphins are being slaughtered and sold in japan yearly. My assumption is many of you have seen the documentary called THE COVE. I saw this movie and it has stuck with me ever since. Over the past few years, I have been following the activist group called SEA SHEPHERD that most people have found out about through their TV show on Animal Planet called WHALE WARS.  This show is about the epic battle between this group of people and their attempt to shut down the Japanese whaling fleet, to keep them from killing and slaughtering endangered whales in the Antarctic. They do many more things just what is shown on Whale Wars. They patrol coast to stop illegal fishing with cooperation of the local governments and right now they are in Taiji, Japan monitoring the annual dolphin hunt. In this hunt they slaughter dolphins for their meat and capture more to be sold. They do release dolphins back into the ocean, but day after day they herd more dolphins in and the capture and slaughter continues.

One of my purposes of posting this today is to raise awareness about what is happening. This is only one city that does this. A similar practice occurs in the Faroe Islands. In the Faroe Islands they herd pilot whales and kill 800-1000+ each year. I understand that for these people it is tradition. At one point it probably was a necessary practice to survive. That was hundreds of years ago. In local times in each place where this occurs there is no reason for this to continue. I understand that this is someones job and they are able to provide for their families this way. For them it is a normal part of life. It is easy for us to look in and say wow you are horrible people to kills whales and dolphins like this. I am not a vegetarian, I eat meat, that is not what this is about. I am sure an argument could be made for the way animals such as cows, pigs and chickens are treated on meat farms around the world. That is a whole other issue. The thought of these intelligent beings such as dolphins and whales that live in family units and have relationships, tight bonds, and many marine biologists believe that whales and dolphins even have their own language. These intelligent beings show the ability to feel and understand in much more complex ways than a dog or another animal. The way they are taken, stolen and or slaughter is purely barbaric and an abomination to the human race. I am going to end my rant and let you discover for yourselves that something needs to be done about how dolphins are being treated in Japan and other parts of the world. Okay, okay I am getting off the soap box. Like I said earlier I am not an activist nor do I want to force anything on anyone I just feel strongly that something needs to be done. I hope I don't sound like your cliche "save the animals" fanatic and if I do well oh well. We do need to save the dolphins and whales.

Please visit  to see what is happening and what attempts are being made to stop this disgraceful practice.

Also if you have the stomach I suggest you watch The Cove. It will open your eyes to what is really happening

Thanks for hearing out my rant.

If you have the stomach for blood and mistreatment of animals then scroll down. You will see how horrible this annual event is. (photos taken from various websites I do not claim ownership nor do I take credit for the following photos).

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