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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Jennifer Lawrence Gets Her Own Post.

Okay, so I love Jlaw. Just like the rest of you do.
She is so fun, pretty, funny, a good actress, and so real.
She says the funniest things and I want to be her best friend.
Just like everyone else does. blah blah blah.

But, as I was driving with T the other day, I had another rant happen (pretty typical).
See, the thing is, Jlaw makes comments like these:

Hilarious, right? I know. I know. You just want to hang out with her everyday.
Here's the thing.
Everyone talks about Jennifer Lawrence and how great she is because she is always making comments about being a "real woman" and how she is considered big in Hollywood so she's "normal."

But, she's not. Jen, baby, is still a skinny little thing. And that is totally fine. 
But it bugs me that we live in a world that Jennifer Lawrence is considered obese.
In fact, it pisses me off. 
And as a side note, it makes me mad that she can get away with saying things like that, because she IS still skinny. She can make comments about eating whatever she wants and asking about food because she still is quite small. And she is still considered "Sexy" because she is still small. What if a woman, who, let's say was a size 14 made that comment? Would she still be considered sexy AND funny? JLaw may not be a size 2, but she still is skinnier than the average woman. We forget that she lives in this world, this "magical hollywood world" where her size is "too big."
What happened to our world? 
What world do we live in where Jlaw is considered obese? Are you kidding me? I'm confused why she can get away with making comments about weight and food because she is STILL skinny? Let's make her a size 14 and then let's see if she's still sexy to every man in America. 

I do bikram yoga. Long story, short, yoga in a sauna. I suck at it. I just learned how to touch my toes. But as I look around the room, I can't help but compare my body to the other skinny, flexible, six pack--ab women who do all of the poses perfectly. But then I remember those women have been doing it for a loooong time. And you know what I love most about  the atmosphere? It is a personal journey. And everyone is so encouraging. Even though I am not the skinniest person in the room--in fact, I usually have the biggest hips in the room-- I feel so comfortable in my body. I feel strong. I workout at MY speed and stretch myself to whatever feels best for me. I feel good about myself in the room. 

And isn't that what it's supposed to be about? Feeling good about your body? I won't go into detail, but I received a letter the other day regarding my weight. I was hurt on so many levels. When I went on birth control back in June, in a matter of one month I gained 25 pounds. I have stretch marks all over my body. I look in the mirror and want to cry sometimes. Since then, I have been doing everything to try to get that awful weight off, but it's difficult. Needless to say, it's a battle. 
 I have been trying everything to be skinny. And you know what I realized the other day? I don't need to try everything TO BE SKINNY. I need to try everything to be healthy, to love my body, no matter what my jean size is. I don't need a letter to bring me down. And I don't need anybody else's approval or advice. Yes, I am curvy. Always have been. Yes, I am bigger than I was in the past. I am working on it. But, you know what's important? The fact that there is more to me than my body. I am an intelligent, talented, hardworking, loyal, fun person. Because I struggle with one aspect in my life does not make me any less inferior than the woman next to me. 

I will not let the image of women that the world has defined for us affect how I feel about myself. And I hope that you won't either. 
It is important to be healthy. It is important to exercise. It is important to be happy. Those things are all important to me. And should be to every woman. And I am doing those things. 
What more do you want? I will never have skinny thighs. I will always have hips and a butt. And yes, I would love to lose those 25 pounds. And I will work to get there. But if I don't…you know what? I'll be okay. I promise. And guess what? So will other people. 

Rant. Over.

But, hell, what can I say? I still want to be best friends with JLaw. Who doesn't? 

Disclaimer: I'm sorry if I offended some people in my use of the term "skinny." My intention was not to bring down people who are "skinny." Everyone has their own body and I know some girls are just naturally built that way. And you are beautiful for that. Just know that I use that term not to offend you, but to simply state a matter of fact: that we should be healthy and love our bodies for health, not size. 


  1. Best friends with JLaw? More like I want to be best friends with you! ;) lovely post (basically say that about all your posts)
    But I totally agree! Rebel Wilson for example is someone who I think should be a poster child for being "sexy & still eating what she wants" because she LOOKS like someone who is "eating what she wants" & is HAPPY with herself and her body! But why isn't she applauded for being a women who embraces her life style and weight/eating habits? Because she doesn't look "skinny"! You have to say you eat whatever you want but look like you don't in this world to be a rodel model for weight. Because in reality... you will see results from what you eat good or bad.
    Girls need to realize being "skinny" won't make you happy, you can still be down in yourself once you get "skinny"! Be HEALTHILY, love yourself NOW.. enough to get yourself to a healthy happy body!!! Stop thinking you'll be happy once you are "skinny", girls!

  2. Gosh who would be rude enough to write you a letter about your weight? I'm sorry people are so mean sometimes.

  3. I love love love love love JLaw. She's soooo real!

  4. I Absolutely love her, you, and this post. Such a powerful message!

  5. I love her too much. This is fab.

  6. Seriously, girl. Love this post! I've thought the same thing about why the heck anyone would even consider Jennifer Lawrence fat. She's NOT. I love what you say about loving our bodies. :) I'm doing a little link love post on my blog today and I want to include this post. Hope it brings a few readers to your cute blog! I'm seriously loving you, girl!


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