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Thursday, January 9, 2014

//A Photo a Week// {Week 1}: Home & Children.

I have decided to post a photo a week that has special meaning to me. 
I wanted to do this because one of my new years resolutions was to be more positive. And sometimes I live my life in such a hurry that I wanted to make sure to stop and realize the special moments; to see the good. Whether that be a photo of our beautiful world, a special moment in my recent life, a special person in my life, something fun that is happening, etc. I also wanted to make sure to blog more; I want this to be a sort of "update" of my life sometimes too. And I want to look back and share these fun, exciting, beautiful, moments and people so that I can remember. This blog just ain't for y'all, ya know? ;)

Today, I wanted to post a few photos from Christmas Break in Oregon (see my lovely Christmas poems here). I won't lie, my time in Portland had it's negative moments. There were some fights and tears and]. Ha. But all in all, it was a great back and an enjoyable time off from work. 

This is my favorite room in my parents house: the piano room. There is something so majestic and feminine about it. It just feels so classy when you step into it. My parents are trying to sell this beautiful home and it makes me sad, so I had to relish in this gorgeous room while there. 

I wish I got a picture of all 7 of the grandchildren together, but with all the numerous bedtimes, feedings, etc. that idea was not quite plausible. But here are pictures of my nieces and nephews. I cannot tell you how much I love these kids. Sure, I probably love them more than they love me, but because I don't have children (obviously), I live vicariously through my sisters in raising their hilarious, brilliant, beautiful children. I love these three photos because it shows their personalities so well. I am so grateful for these little babies (yes, they are all still babies even though they grow up so fast!) I wish I could see them and bond with them more often! 

Here's to beautiful, wonderful photos! 


  1. ohhh my SO many adorable babies in just one post! :) glad it was overall a good time in oregon - that's somewhere i've been dying to visit!

  2. I definitely need to be more positive this year. It's so easy to find everything wrong with your life and I started keeping a journal to look back on and see how blessed I am. Sort of the same thing right? :)

  3. I feel you about being more positive. It's just so easy to whine! I want to visit portland soo badly. It's on our list of places to visit this year! You'll have to give me some advice on where to go, etc. :)

  4. my parents are selling my childhood home too and i just hate it! it makes me oh so very sad!


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